J Sukanya

J Sukanya

Automation QA Engineer
I have been playing around with Automation and Manual testing for a while now. I have worked on various projects automating mobile apps and websites. Selenium tool is my forte. I picked up this field because of challenging problems. I love to find bugs and am keen to learn new technologies.

The most amazing...

... I have done is being a QA engineer!


Version Control


Project Management

JIRA, Trello




Cucumber, Hybrid framework

Testing Tools

Selenium, Appium


Travel Planning app

This is a Travel planning app which helps make vacationing with friends easier. This can be used when planning a vacation with friends and family where anyone on the trip can easily share, access and edit the itinerary. This app helps empower travellers to experience adventures through trusted recommendations and community. The trips are organised by itineraries that are easy to share and collaborate on.

Health Application

Health care app which uses chat support groups to make substance use treatment more engaging and personalised for vulnerable populations. It makes dealing with mental health issues easier.

App to share Feedback within Organisations

A web and mobile application to collect and give reviews/feedback within organisations. The project is based on React, React Native & Laravel as the backend for giving & receiving feedback to a person or entity to help grow any organisation.

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