Saurabh Sahu

Saurabh Sahu

Director of Engineering
Top Developer with distinguished experience in Front-end web technologies like AngularJS, Angular 2.0, SailsJS, Node.js, ExpressJS, MongoDB and MySQL with proven knowledge in developing realtime and interactive dashboard application.

The most amazing...

... A web based editor for designing Mugs, Calendars, Photobooks etc (

Interest & Expertise

  • Team Management
  • Dashboard Applications
  • Image Editing Software
  • Modular Development
  • Object-oriented design
  • Real-time systems
  • Cloud Based Application
  • Agile software development
  • Socket programming
  • Clean Code


  • An open source module developed in AngularJS to ease the development process for a file upload component in the front-end.
    Cloud based server monitoring application and deployed it on more than 150 servers.


Backend Framework & Library

Laravel, Express.js


MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite

Frontend Framework & Library

React.js, AngularJS, JQuery

Mobile Framework & Library

React Native


HTML / CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript

Version Control

Git, GitLab, GitHub

Project Management

JIRA, Trello


Sublime Text, VS Code, Atom



Web Server


State Management

React + MobX, React + Redux

User Interface Design

React Bootstrap


Vue Native

We at GeekyAnts are very excited to share one of our side projects which we have been working for a while, Vue Native!Though the sentiment in the JavaScript community about Vue has been mixed, we couldn’t stop ourselves to try Vue for native mobile app development.


MobX is a battle tested library that makes state management simple and scalable by transparently applying functional reactive programming (TFRP). The philosophy behind MobX is very simple:

Pixaprints Image Editor

An online multi-purpose image editor which was used across the website to provide users with a tool to customize mugs, calendars, business card, photo-books and a lot more. Built using SVG, AngularJS and React.js

Open Source project with more than 800+ stars on Github in couple of weeks of its launch. Many mobile developers use NativeBase to ease their mobile app development. And so we call it - The missing piece of React Native

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