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Leadership Insights Chapter 5: Atul Ranjan, CTO, GeekyAnts

A short discussion with Atul Ranjan about his journey from co-founder to CTO

Mon May-10

The @Company - Making The Internet Safe Again

The story of a group of visionaries and how they are making the internet a safe space again

Fri May-07

Leadership Insights Chapter 4: Varun Sahu, Director Of Engineering, GeekyAnts

A conversation with Varun Sahu, Director Of Engineering, on his journey in the field

Thu Apr-29

Business Engagement Models: Picking The Right One For Your Venture

A brief guide to help you pick the right model for your business

Thu Apr-29

Flutter Engage Extended Remote Meetup, April 2021 | FlutterBLR x GeekyAnts

Flutter 2, Material Buttons, Blockchain and much more

Thu Apr-29

Impact of Digitization on the Travel Industry

An insight into how mobile and web applications have revolutionised the travel industry

Wed Apr-21

Leadership Insights Chapter 3: Megha Kumari, Director Of Design, GeekyAnts

A conversation with Megha Kumari, Director Of Design, GeekyAnts on her journey as a leader and designer

Mon Apr-19

MVP: A cost effective approach for App Development

The rationale behind designing a Minimum Viable Product and its significance during App development

Tue Apr-13

GeekyAnts' Guide to a Reimagined Post-Pandemic Organisation

A quick read on how GeekyAnts has spearheaded the change to achieve a successful remote working system

Tue Apr-06

Ed-Tech: The Future Of Education

How GeekyAnts is ushering traditional methods of learning into the new era of digitization.

Fri Mar-26

Leadership Insights Chapter 2: Sanket Sahu, CEO, GeekyAnts

A conversation with Sanket Sahu, CEO, GeekyAnts on product building, OSS and his growth as a professional and an individual.

Fri Mar-26

TripAbrood: The Travel App You Never Knew You Needed

The story of how TripAbrood revolutionizes the essence of the tourism market.

Thu Mar-25

Impact of Technology on Modern Healthcare

A short read on HealthTech in the modern era and our contribution towards it

Fri Mar-19

React & React Native Remote Meetup, March 2021 | RNBlr x GeekyAnts

New OSS Projects, Dynamic Links, Form Libraries and more...

Thu Mar-18

International Women's Day 2021 with GeekyAnts

GeekyAnts for #ChooseToChallenge on Women's Day 2021

Wed Mar-17

MPL - The Tycoon of Gaming Apps

MPL's rise to fame as one of the most prominent Gaming Platform in India.

Fri Mar-12

Time & Cost Effective App Development

Steps you can take to make Mobile & Web App development time & cost effective for your clients.

Thu Mar-11

Leadership Insights Chapter 1: Kumar Pratik, MD, GeekyAnts

A conversation with Kumar Pratik, Managing Director, GeekyAnts on leadership and his journey as a leader.

Fri Feb-26

Business Etiquette For Client Relationships

The right way to build professional relationships, that last.

Tue Feb-23

Flutter Remote Meetup | Flutter BLR & The @ Company x GeekyAnts

Information Security, Data Privacy & Flutter, All In One

Thu Feb-11

GeekyAnts: Top Mobile App Development Company in 2021

GeekyAnts is recognized by Techreviewer as one of the top Mobile App Development Companies globally in 2021

Mon Feb-08

Planning Projects With Strict Timelines

A short guide on how to plan urgent projects and bring them to fruition effectively.

Fri Jan-29

Picking A Mobile App Development Company - 2021 Edition

Everything you need to know and more to go for the best in the business

Mon Jan-18

Converting Your App Idea Into A Business Document: Why & How.

The importance of documenting your vision and the best practices to follow while doing it.

Mon Jan-11

GeekyAnts Top Web Development Company In India | Selected Firms

GeekyAnts Has Been Recognised as a Top Web Development Company in India by Selected Firms

Fri Dec-18

React Native & Flutter Virtual Meetup, Nov 2020

A summary of the events that transpired at the regular React Native + Flutter Meetup, hosted by GeekyAnts

Wed Dec-09

Accessing MongoDB Purely via Dart

Performing basic CRUD operations on your MongoDB database locally using the 'mongo_dart' package.

Mon Nov-30

Strapi.io - Design APIs Fast

Design APIs fast, manage content easily.

Mon Nov-30

Building Your Own CSS Framework

Create a framework like bootstrap 4 with custom theme colored components & responsive styling in under 10 minutes.

Tue Nov-24

Introduction to React Three Fiber

An Introduction to React Three Fiber and Three.js

Fri Nov-20

Client Side Routing in Svelte

A step-by- step guide on how to add Client Side Routing in a Svelte project.

Fri Nov-20

GeekyAnts: Top UI/UX Development Company - September 2020

GeekyAnts declared as a Top UI/UX Development Company by TopDevelopers, September 2020!

Wed Nov-11

Basics Of UI Designing

A small guide that goes over the basics of a good UI for both designers and developers.

Wed Oct-28

Notifications on React Native using Firebase Cloud Messaging with Notifee.

Basic implementation of Firebase messaging and Notifee on React Native

Thu Oct-22

Widget Testing - The Untold Story

An exploration of how the testing trivia can be carried out in Flutter projects during the development phase

Mon Oct-19

React Hooks vs Class Component

With hooks being introduced, how powerful is it compared to Class components?

Fri Oct-09

The Latest In React & React Native

React Hooks, React Navigation 5.0 and more, as discussed in the recent Group Discussion @ GeekyAnts

Thu Oct-08

Many-to-Many relations in AWS Amplify using React

Mutating and querying many-to-many relations in AWS Amplify using React.

Wed Sep-30

Spring Micro Service for Authorization

A RESTful Microservice that uses JWT token for authentication and authorization. Read about how it's implemented in Spring Boot.

Thu Sep-24

bluetoothadapter: Bluetooth Based Client-Server Apps

Facilitating Bluetooth server sockets for Flutter apps using bluetoothadapter plugin.

Wed Sep-16

Express.js, Django & Laravel - The Backend Badasses

A backend developers journey through the Big 3 to figure out what is best and when.

Wed Sep-16

AWS HoneyCode: Building Apps Without Code

Introduction and development experience review of AWS HoneyCode

Wed Sep-02

LiveView With Phoenix

My experience with Phoenix and the wonderful world of backend development.

Mon Aug-31

Brilliant But Lazy

The third and final installment in a three part series about Lodash. Lazy evaluation, performance gains and its applications in Lodash.

Mon Aug-31

Code Quality & Review

The importance of maintaining quality of code while developing products.

Mon Aug-24

Creating A Customisable Video Player In Flutter

How to easily create a video player in Flutter using Flick Video Player.

Thu Aug-20

Flutter For Web - Under The Hood

The architecture and working of Flutter for Web

Fri Jul-10

Live Streaming with Flutter and Wowza Streaming Engine

Learn how to use the Wowza Streaming Engine to create a live streaming platform.

Mon Jul-06

Bursting Colourful Crackers With react-native-fireworks

An npm package to burst crackers in your React native app.

Tue Jun-23

Snakes & Ladders Board Game In Flutter Web.

A 2D Snakes & Ladders Game Built In Flutter Web.

Fri Jun-19

Writing Your First Flutter Application With Deno and Postgres

A brief demonstration on how to build your Flutter App with Deno and Backend on Postgres.

Fri Jun-19

Deno — The NextGen Revolution?

Breaking down Deno and diving deep into what it provides to the developer community.

Tue Jun-09

Creating a Chat Application using Vue-Native and Firebase

Integrate Firebase with Vue Native and create a chat application.

Thu May-14

Home Automation using Alexa- Part 2

The second part of the two part series on how to automate your house appliances using IoT & Voice Processing Devices.

Thu May-14

Composition and Lodash FP

The second in a three part series about Lodash. This part talks about a neat way of writing clean code and a module of Lodash called FP.

Thu Apr-23

Home Automation using Alexa & IoT: Part 1

A two part series on how to automate your house appliances using IoT & Voice Processing Devices.

Thu Apr-16

UI Design Trends 2020

The Trends That Will Define The Upcoming UI Design Scene.

Thu Mar-26

Cloud Native Approach For Software Engineering. Part 2 - Containerization

A Concept of Unified Environments Where If A Program Runs On Local, Will Run In Production Too.

Thu Mar-26

Cloud Native Approach For Software Engineering. Part 1 - Cloud Native Apps.

A Quick Overview Of What Cloud Native Approach Is & What Cloud Native Apps Are.

Wed Mar-25

What Is Digital Transformation? The Ouroboros Of The Future.

What Digital Transformation Is & What Is GeekyAnts Role In It.

Fri Mar-20

Getting Started With Swift UI

The Basics & Advantages Of Swift UI

Mon Mar-09

Microservice Architecture & Angel Framework

Highly Extensible, Full-featured Server Side Framework in Dart

Mon Mar-09

React to Vue - A Non-Intimidating Journey

The Journey Of Moving From React To Vue & Things Learnt Along The Way

Thu Mar-05

React Concurrent Mode - Revisited

Understanding React Concurrent Mode & The Problems It Solves

Thu Mar-05

The 1st Svelte Meetup, Bangalore; February, 2020.

The Kickoff Event For The New Svelte Meetup Group.

Thu Feb-27

Full Stack (MERN) + GraphQL Boilerplate / Starter Part-I

Next.js + React + GraphQL + Express + Apollo + MongoDB + TypeScript

Thu Feb-27

Full Stack (MERN) + GraphQL Boilerplate / Starter Part-II

Next.js + React + GraphQL + Express + Apollo + MongoDB + TypeScript

Thu Feb-27

The 13th React Native & 7th Flutter Meetup, February 2020

A Gateway To New Things & New Experiences, Within The Same Four Walls.

Thu Feb-27

Building A Company On Open Source

How a team of 6 grew to be a widely acclaimed and highly recognised product and service based organisation comprising 200 people.

Mon Feb-24

Understanding Dependency Injection In Flutter Using Provider

Working with Provider and how it simplifies the flow with Dependency Injection in Flutter.

Mon Feb-24

GeekyAnts @ NASSCOM Technology & Leadership Forum 2020, Mumbai.

Tech In The 20's - Coming Of Age

Wed Feb-19

GeekyAnts @ STEP Conference, Dubai 2020

Middle East's Biggest Tech Event In The Heart Of Dubai.

Wed Feb-19

Early Adoption: The Guts & The Glory.

Early Adopters. Laggards & The Race To Achieve The Perfect Balance.

Tue Feb-18

Things to keep in mind when using Lodash

The first in a three part series about Lodash. This part covers the pros and cons of using the library and other things to be mindful about when using it.

Tue Feb-11

Create your own Redux with RxJS

Basic concepts of reactivity and the RxJS library, and how the Redux store can be implemented using RxJS.

Tue Feb-11

Building Online Communities - The Right Way

What Online Communities Stand For & What To Expect When Building One.

Fri Feb-07

12th React Native & 6th Flutter Meetup Bangalore 2020

New Year. New Face. Same Old Fun.

Tue Feb-04

The Animation Challenge @ GeekyAnts

The Animators In The House Rose To Glory!

Wed Jan-22

A Step-By-Step Guide To App Store Submission

Publishing an iOS app to the Apple App store.

Mon Jan-13

React Native Game Development - A Salient Guide

React Native + Matter.js

Fri Jan-10

GeekyAnts Amongst Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies.

Voted as one of the best companies in Mobile App Development in Bengaluru in 2019.

Fri Jan-03

Flutter Interact: Viewing Party 2019

Interaction, Innovation & Collaboration With The Global Flutter Community

Mon Dec-30

Svelte.js - Slender and Elegant

A Slender & Elegant JavaScript Front-end Framework That Is Definitely Worth A Look & Is The Future Of Javascript Frameworks

Fri Dec-27

React For Business 2019

Business & Technology With All Things React

Mon Dec-23

KBC Game in Python

Using Pygame and Python 3 to re-create the famous Kaun Banega Crorepati quiz game.

Thu Dec-19

Automation Testing of Mobile & Web Apps With Katalon Studio

Learn to automate testing of web and mobile apps with Katalon Studio, which is as simple as using an excel file.

Wed Dec-18

Selenium vs Katalon Studio vs Appium - Which Is Best For Automation?

Quick Look for QA’s to Choose Between Tools to Give Best & Time-Saving Results

Mon Dec-09

Modelling Twitter in Cloud FireStore!

The article talks about how to model data in nosql db's like cloud firestore for optimal performance and minimised cost.

Fri Nov-29

Lazy Loading & Code Splitting Using React Lazy

Introducing How Lazy Loading And Code Splitting Can Improve The Performance Of Your React Application.

Thu Nov-28

Testing Flutter Apps with Flutter Driver

Flutter Driver is a framework or a package that helps in automation testing of Flutter apps.

Wed Nov-27

Boilerplate using Express + Typescript

A Web Server Built With Express, Typescript, Mongoose & Pug

Mon Oct-14

The 2nd Angular Meetup, Bangalore 2019

All things Angular, from all angles.

Fri Oct-04

GeekyAnts Continues Its 5-Star Streak on Clutch!

From Google to ChildMind... They all got the same thing to say about us.

Wed Sep-18

The 11th React Native & 5th Flutter Meet-up Bangalore, 2019

Keeps you coming back for more.

Mon Sep-02