Ruchika Gupta

Ruchika Gupta

Solution Architect - I
A Full stack developer who is involved in feasibility study, designing, Architecture, Development and Implementation and Knowledge of different software development methodologies. Passionate in working with UI challenges and animations. Detail-oriented, with proven communication and analytical skills; can handle multiple tasks to meet deadlines in pressure situations. Invited as a attendee at Flutter Live Event 2018.
React Native
App Center and CodeMagic
Azure Board
The Most Amazing...

....Develop a quora-clone app using ReactNative, ReduxSaga and Firebase

Interest & Expertise
Interest & Expertise
  • Debugging and Optimize Solution
  • Project Management
  • Project Architecture
  • Open source contribution
  • Technical writing and taking online sessions
MySQL, MongoDB
Backend Framework & Library
Node.js, Express.js
Frontend Framework & Library
React.js, AngularJS, JQuery
HTML / CSS, JavaScript, Java, C++, Dart
Version Control
Git, GitLab, Bitbucket
Project Management
JIRA, Trello
Mobile Framework & Library
Flutter, React Native
Sublime Text, VS Code, IntelliJ
CSS pre-processor
Web Server
State Management
Redux, MobX, Redux (with Saga and Thunk), MST, Scoped Mode, Provider
User Interface Design
Cloud Services
Query Language
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
Jenkins, Bitrise
XCode, Android Studio
AppStore, PlayStore, Heroku
Amazon Web Services(Cognito, SNS, S3, Dynamo DB, AppSync), GraphCool
Flutter based an ideal starter kit / app script with all the needed UI elements to build your Tinder like iOS and Android dating app.
A fascinating Flutter starter kit focused on animation for your iOS and Android application.
A fascinating Flutter starter kit with flat UI design, Flutter components for your iOS and Android application
B2B Pricing and Promotion Dashboard
A web app to provide pricing and promotion solutions for an organization. This application provides the ability to define a pricing organization and to store and maintain all the pricing and promotion related data for that organization. This pricing organization can be used with different user’s role modeled in the system.
Biding App with Swipe feature
Biding app where users accept or reject bets by enhance swiping feature.
Carbon emission tracking app to balance with plantation
A cross platform mobile application developed using flutter to keep real-time carbon footprint track and offsetting carbon footprints.
B2B Order Management App depending on User’s Role
Web Application to manage the orders in businesses with user’s role as constraint. The dynamic code generation for the screens was it’s key feature. The core functionality includes such as schema approach, handling different user actions like adding, cloning, editing, deleting, uploading, entity management, authentication, etc.
Fact Checking App
Mobile Application to show latest trending facts approved by Fact-Checkers(Fact-checking is the act of checking factual information in nonfiction text in order to determine the veracity and correctness of the factual statements in the text). Users can search for any facts via posting urls, images or keywords related to facts or create a concern on any available post for Fact-checking.
Cars Dealing App
A cross platform mobile app to buy a car the right way, by shopping for used cars and new car models or buy used cars or find new cars for sale that are perfect for you, all in one convenient car buying tool! Car finder helps you buy a car in your area with classifieds and car locations available anywhere, at any time. You can also buy cars at dealerships near you, share new car models with your friends and get alerts when new car classifieds, matching your criteria, become available.
B2B Delivery App
A cross platform mobile application for delivery boys to take orders and to keep track and manage their jobs for delivering products to businesses related to opticals.
Kids Learning App
A storytelling app for kids that makes writing fun with art, photos and colors. Parents can engage with their child and create a story together even when they are away or busy running errands. Parents or teachers can provide expert tips, reward the kiddo’s creativity, set writing goals and celebrate the accomplishments through the app.
B2B Order Tracking App
A cross platform mobile application developed using React Native, is intended for eye care professionals to track orders within organisation. This App provides Eye Care Professionals the ability to search for orders placed with organisation and track the movement of orders in the system.
An application for tinder swipe animation with a blog written on it
Flutter Animation
A descriptive blog on animations in flutter

Geek Speaks

GeekyAnts @ Flutter Live '18, London

Google organised a live event for Flutter in London in 2018 and we were there. Follow Ruchika as she shares her experiences from Flutter Live '18 and announces new changes in Flutter.