Shakthishree Manjunath

Shakthishree Manjunath

Associate Engineering Manager
Keen learner who loves to discover and experiment on new technologies. I have 6 years of experience mostly on website development & mobile app development. I am dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions to complex challenges along the way of exploring and learning.
React Native
The Most Amazing...

....thing I have done is I believe every project & team I worked on/with taught me a lot of things and were all equally amazing.

Interest & Expertise
Interest & Expertise
  • Coding
  • Leading the team
  • Experimenting on new technologies
  • Coding in JS based technologies
Backend Framework & Library
Node.js, Express.js
Frontend Framework & Library
State Management
Redux, MobX, MST, Mobx, Apollo client
Cloud Services
Mobile Framework & Library
React Native
Query Language
Organization's order management system
A web app that serves as an interface to handle huge chunk of orders from customer.
Role & responsibility: FE developer
Technologies used: Reactjs, React Redux, Redux-, Redux Form . Other tools used: d3 js
Food Application
Application is one stop solution for all food related issues. Users can find 1000s of recipes in the app, they can order food, grocery. Sellers can register and sell their groceries products.
Role & responsibility: Tech Lead
Tech stack - Next JS, React native, Node JS, Postgres, Oracle, Python
Banking Application
Application provides a platform for users in 4 different countries to send money to Indian beneficiaries. They are currently expanding in a number of countries. App has International support, Huge user base, high risk transactions parsing through the system.
Role & responsibility: Tech Lead
sTech stack - React JS, React native, Node JS, Postgres, AWS, bit Bucket
Restaurant Finder App
It’s a mobile first web application that lists the restaurants around 5 miles radius of the user’s location. Application provides complete info on cleanliness maintained in restaurants with some additional features.
Role & responsibility: Lead
Tech stack - Next JS, Context API, Firebase
Emergency Rescue Application
The company has a rescue product that requires a user interface. We are working on a React native mobile application. Application has offline support, google map download feature, video streamer and some part of native coding.
Role & responsibility: Lead
Tech stack - React native, MST, GST, mapbox
Office Space productP
The company provides different platforms (web apps) for users & companies to book & use office spaces. We are currently maintaining and working on new features on 6 of their platforms.
Role & responsibility: Technical architect
Tech stack - React, Redux, Next JS, Context API, Fabric JS, Node JS, Firebase, GCP, CRM tools, etc.
Authorising tool to create courses for students
Here we built an authorising tool that helps the user create courses and present them to students offline. It allows us to create Course library, Course Edit and Course present screens and provide a download option to every course to let every user download the SCORM folder for the course and use it in any LMS they want. Provide a simple and efficient edit canvas for users to create content in every slide.
Role & responsibility: Team lead
sTech stack - React, Redux, Fabric.js, Material UI, Node JS
A PWA that helps users book rooms. Users can chat with AI assistants to specify all their requirements. AI gathers all user information and finds best suitable hotels for users.
Role & responsibility: FE lead
Technologies used: React js, bootstrap, Redux Saga, Redux Offline. New service is implemented to handle http calls at client side. Service providers also facilitates offline support and client side caching, AWS for deployment
Real E-state Web app
A web app that facilitates users to purchase houses in the US.
Role & responsibility: FE developer
Technologies used: Reactjs, Redux, Material UI
Real E-state - Mobile App
An app that provides a single interface to handle construction projects.
Role & responsibility: FE developer
Technologies used: React Native, Apollo client, GraphQL
E-commerce App
An e-commerce app ( Both IOS and android ) for rituals products. Interactive UI with various animations to provide good user experience.
Role & responsibility: FE developer
Technologies used: React Native, React Redux, Redux-Saga, Redux Form

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