Parul Malhotra

Parul Malhotra

Senior Software Engineer - I
I am a Javascript developer, have worked on both the Frontend and Backend side of the web.

The most amazing...

.... Used open-source libraries like MapBox, ReactJS, react-Mapbox-gl, MongoDB geospatial queries, and more to analyze the connectivity of schools across Bangalore, on the basis of various parameters like connectivity with bus routes, a distance of schools from roads, etc. The data used was provided by OpenCity. which is a data portal focussed on city-level data and its usage.

Interest & Expertise

  • Experimenting with CSS
  • Building beautiful Frontends
  • Experimenting with backend optimizations


Backend Framework & Library


Frontend Framework & Library



HTML / CSS, JavaScript



User Interface Design

Material Design

Cloud Services


Query Language





React-NodeJS-graphQL based internal task force management app

The project included building GraphQL APIs on a Molecular framework for managing Merchants, task management, and other functionalities for efficient project management. My role included: Building new functionalities/APIs as requested by the client. Bug fixing. Optimizing APIs on Javascript level. Optimizing database queries. Setting up crons. Optimizing on GraphQL level by using libraries like DataLoaders. Zipping payloads using gzip and setting up Nginx server. Setting up NATS transporter. Deployment on the server using Docker.

Code Editor

Built a code editor for school kids to live code + compile in the browser directly. The editor had functionalities like auto code completion/suggestions, syntax highlighting, support for four programming languages like - Python, Javascript, Ruby, and Bash.

Slack Clone

Built a Slack clone with chat and text functionalities.

Admin Dashboard

Built a dashboard using Material UI and React.js for the admins to use.