Parul Malhotra

Parul Malhotra

Software Engineer
I started my journey as a QA with leading product-based companies and now I have transitioned to Frontend Development with a focus on MERN stack, specifically ReactJS.

The most amazing...

... thing I ever did was teaching myself while working full-time so that I could switch to Frontend Development.

Interest & Expertise

  • Technical Blogging - One of my blog posts received more than 32k views.
  • Experimenting with CSS on codepen.


Backend Framework & Library


Frontend Framework & Library



HTML / CSS, JavaScript



User Interface Design

Material Design

Cloud Services


Query Language



App for Bus routes

Explored open-source data for bus routes and schools in Bengaluru city to create a visual representation analyzing how connected the schools were.

Code Editor

Built a code editor for a kids Bootcamp. The app lets you edit code and is very user friendly.

Slack Clone

Built a Slack clone with chat and text functionalities.

Admin Dashboard

Built a dashboard using Material UI and React.js for the admins to use.

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