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In today's digital ecosystem, where agility is key and innovation demands constant iteration, streamlining your development pipeline is critical for success.

Searching for an innovation partner that can help streamline your DevOps? We are the perfect choice.
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Our State-of-the-Art DevOps Services

On-Premise Infra & Hosting Consulting

  • OpenStack Consulting

    Optimize your private cloud with OpenStack expertise.

    • Infrastructure Setup
    • Network Layer Design (L3 / L7 Implementation)
    • Scaling
    • High Availability Cluster
    • Security
    • Storage
  • OpenNebula

    Unlock the power of OpenNebula for efficient resource management.

  • CloudStack

    Harness the flexibility of CloudStack for your on-premise cloud.

Managed Web & API Hosting with Cloud Service Providers

  • AWS

    Unleash the power of the cloud leader for managed web & API hosting.

  • GCP

    Leverage Google's cutting-edge technology for reliable web & API hosting.

  • Azure

    Simplify your web & API hosting with Microsoft's robust cloud platform.

  • DigitalOcean

    Experience developer-friendly managed web & API hosting.

  • OpenStack (on-premise)

    Gain full control with managed web & API hosting on your OpenStack cloud.

High-performance Scaling Services

  • DB Optimization

    Fine-tune your databases for peak performance and efficiency.

  • Performance Metrics Measuring

    Gather crucial data to pinpoint bottlenecks and optimize performance.

  • Application Performance Monitoring

    Gain real-time insights into application health and identify areas for improvement

  • Kubernetes (k8s) Cluster

    Orchestrate containerized applications for effortless scaling.

  • Docker Swarm Cluster

    Manage and scale your containerized applications with ease.

Cloud Services & Consulting

  • On-demand Scaling

    Adapt your resources like a chameleon, pay only for what you use.

  • CDN Implementation

    Deliver content at warp speed, no matter where your users are.

  • Streaming Services

    Stream flawlessly, from live events to on-demand marathons.

  • Media Content Encoding/Decoding

    Optimize your videos for a smooth experience on any device.

  • Edge Network & Computing for IoT Devices

    Process data closer to the source, unleashing the power of your IoT network.

Large Scale & Enterprise-grade Services

  • Firewall

    Stand guard at your network's gate, keeping threats at bay.

  • Load Balancers

    Distribute traffic seamlessly, ensuring peak performance.

  • Security Groups

    Define granular security perimeters for your resources.

  • Hardware, Software & Firmware Monitoring

    Gain complete visibility into your IT infrastructure's health.

  • Release Management

    Streamline deployments and minimize risks for your software releases.

  • Compliance

    Ensure your infrastructure adheres to industry regulations and security best practices.

    • IT Security
    • PCI
    • GDPR
    • HIPAA
    • Backup & Recovery

Why Choose GeekyAnts as Your DevOps Services Company?

Outstanding Track Record

We are known for delivering the finest cost-effective infrastructure and pipeline solutions tailored precisely to specific business requirements.

Cloud Experts

Our team consists of tech-savvy experts who are flexible in deploying diverse tech stacks on any cloud platform backed by robust infrastructure solutions.

Data Security on Infra

We ensure all teams follow the latest data security norms and practices. There is no compromise on data security hygiene and protocols.

Detailed Feedback

We provide comprehensive feedback and continuous monitoring for your application stack, making it even more robust and resilient with time.


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What DevOps Services Do GeekyAnts Provide?

We provide a diverse range of DevOps services for various industries and business operations. Our DevOps Consulting Services team is skilled in handling complex business requirements and delivering results with quality.

Our Services

CI/CD solutions

We automate code integration and continuous deployment for efficient software development cycles. We implement pipelines that allow teams to enhance code quality and minimize errors. This makes delivering updates to users faster and more reliable.

Cloud Infrastructure and Deployment

We streamline app scalability and performance using robust cloud solutions. This enables seamless scaling and an increase in app performance. Our services also help reduce downtime and ensure that operations do not face blockers in the field.

Infrastructure Security

We provide robust services relating to access controls, encryption, and audits. Our services ensure that sensitive data is protected and safeguarded against cyber threats. We also have checks installed to ensure the infrastructure cannot be breached.

Monitoring and Feedback

We provided monitoring and feedback services that allow us to identify potential issues and performance bottlenecks. This enables data-driven improvements to ensure optimal user satisfaction and seamless functionality of the application.

DevOps Consultation

We offer strategic analysis, process refinement, and custom DevOps strategies to boost collaboration and productivity. On top of that, we offer strategic analysis, process refinement, and custom DevOps strategies to boost collaboration and productivity.

Containerization and Orchestration

Our mastery of Docker and Kubernetes brings a profound advantage to your operations. We deliver efficient app packaging, effortless scalability, and meticulous resource optimization, ultimately enhancing the seamlessness and agility of your deployment process.

Our Journey

Before 2021
      • Each team managed their own DevOps processes independently.
In 2021
      • Tackled large-scale projects from clients.
      • Streamlined multiple DevOps cycles.
By 2022
      • Successfully managed projects for multiple esteemed clients.
      • Aced CI/CD lifecycle and orchestrated cloud infrastructure seamlessly.
In 2023
      • Established a state-of-the-art, fully managed in-house data centre.
      • Solidified our position as trailblazers, capable of providing comprehensive in-house infrastructure solutions and setting new standards in the DevOps landscape.


Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about our services below

Getting the expertise of DevOps developers might summon forth an investment ranging from US$80,000 - $120,000 annually, resting upon the factors like location, experience, and the requisites posed by the client. Hence, a systematic review of project needs and choices is paramount to make a decision to induct the DevOps team.