Uttam Kini H

Uttam Kini H

Software Engineer - I
A Software Engineer passionate about crafting applications for both Android and iOS platforms. While also maintaining a strong interest in networking and DevOps, I embark on a journey to streamline developer tasks and enhance my prowess in creative problem-solving. Embracing challenges and simplifying complexities is where my heart finds its rhythm.
The Most Amazing...

....thing that I have done, being an integral part of the Sahyadri Open Source Community (SOSC), I've engaged in a diverse range of activities. From conducting workshops and offering guidance to imparting valuable skills, my involvement extends to actively contributing to various open-source projects. My journey within this vibrant open-source community has been truly rewarding and impactful.

Interest & Expertise
Interest & Expertise
  • Engaging with Tech Communities for Collaborative Solutions
  • Hands-on Tech Exploration, including DIY Cloud Creation
  • Mobile Development
  • Build, test and maintain infrastructure and tools.
  • Google Developer Student Clubs Lead
  • Attained certificate on Architecting with Google Compute Engine by Coursera in sponsor with Google Cloud
HTML / CSS, Swift, C++, Dart
Version Control
GitLab, GitHub
Mobile Framework & Library
VS Code
Cloud Services
Firebase, aws, Cloud Firestore, Firebase Storage, Firebase Messaging, Google Cloud Platform and AWS S3, Supabase
XCode, Android Studio
Query Language
Shell Script
CircleCI, Github Actions
Sharding based Blockchain System
Through the utilization of sharding-based blockchain techniques, I developed and designed smart contracts for medical supplies and manufacturer supply chains to enhance storage efficiency and securely supply the system for healthcare with effectively preventing fraudulent and malicious data manipulation.
Tech Stacks: QuarkChain, Docker, Google Cloud Console
E-Commerce Application
An e-commerce app built using Flutter and Firebase would be a mobile application that allows users to browse and check out products from a virtual storefront. It would use Flutter, a cross-platform mobile development framework, to build the user interface and handle the app’s functionality.
Tech Stacks used are - Flutter, Firebase Services.

Geek Speaks

Flutter Web Renderers: CanvasKit vs. HTML

Web rendering, on a very basic level, refers to the process through which, the code that you've written for your app, is converted into intractable elements on a web-page, that the users can see, and take actions with. When writing your app in Flutter, you have the option two choose between two different web renderers, CanvasKit and HTML. In this episode of GeekSpeak, Uttam Kini, Software Engineer - I, talks about web rendering, the top two choices of renderers for Flutter, compares the two, and shares his thoughts on the best one, that you should go with.