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Travel & Hospitality Industry App & Software Development
We create futuristic travel industry software & app development solutions that provide smooth domestic and international travel experiences by transforming the way travel & hospitality businesses perceive the market and navigate it.

For enthusiasts, traveling is all about unraveling the unknown and enjoying it. As a leading travel and hospitality industry app development service provider, our goal is to create solutions that ensure you never let down your customers. Providing them with a hassle-free experience right from ticket and hotel booking to travel planning can now be supported by intuitive travel industry software solutions.

GeekyAnts has worked with travel and hospitality industry leaders to create software development solutions that chart entire customer journeys. Our travel and hospitality industry app development services include using modern technology to generate simple yet powerful features that change the way people travel.

Simplified User Management
A place for users to create accounts, log in to existing ones, and manage their profiles on the platform.
Multipurpose Catalog View
A catalog for user-required services and real-time availability and price updates with efficient filters to sort results as needed.
Streamlined Booking Management
Bookings are made easier using a module to view previous bookings and add and modify new bookings as and when required.
Integrated Payment Gateway
A secure end-to-end payment gateway for users facilitating instant payment for online bookings.
Comprehensive Admin Dashboard
An admin view of the app for complete app management where Admins can check for availability, manage users, promotions, and other app features.

Solutions Realized

Over the years, we have successfully worked on travel industry web and mobile app development. We have produced solutions that demonstrate our love for the work we do. Here are a few of our clients who we helped achieve their dreams.
Aviation Management Dashboard For Coast To Coast Helicopters

Aviation Management Dashboard For Coast To Coast Helicopters

Helping an Aviation Company manage processes better with AirOps.

Advanced Travel Software Development For A Museum Catalog.

We built a location based mobile application for a museum catalog to enable users to find museums around them, read details about them and find their location promptly.

AI-Powered Automated Travel Option Suggestions

We built an AI powered travel planning platform (AITA) that uses machine learning and AI to formulate and provide the best options for customers who are looking to travel for holidays.

America's First Eco-Conscious And Fully Carbon Neutral Rideshare.

We worked with a ride hailing service provider from Illinois to build a mobile app for their carbon-neutral and eco friendly rides to promote community building and help minimise damage to the environment.

Travel & Hospitality

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Smartphone applications are everywhere and changing consumer services in every industry. We have an app for everything. And this trend will only multiply manifold in the future. Travel industry mobile apps speed up the customer experience. Investing in them can make all the difference between an average tourism industry company and a business leader.