About us

GeekyAnts is a young Product and Services Development company based in Bangalore. We do everything related to web and mobile app development and are extremely passionate about building world-class products.
GeekyAnts is a colony of highly skilled developers and designers. We are huge contributors in the open-source community. We don’t just consider ourselves as coders or designers, but as innovators who love to come with new stuff that helps not only us but everyone.
NativeBase, our cross-platform UI components library for React Native, is extremely well received by developers across the world. NativeBase has recently cross over 10,000 stars on Github and accounts for around 8% of React Native downloads. By this, we mean that if there are a 100 React Native apps in the market, 8 of them have NativeBase components in them.
We love challenges, as facing them gives us an opportunity to experiment with new technologies and create some of the most amazingly crazy apps!
We host meetups, attend conferences and publish posts in order to share our knowledge with the developer community.
kumar pratik

Kumar Pratik

Managing Director
A startup bootstrap expert who built this company from the ground-up and taken it to the next level. With exceptionally strong knowledge of everything from the core of Computer Science to the most latest and advanced technologies in the field, Pratik stands as the head of GeekyAnts, focused on the orgranisational and operational processes of this company.

Kumar Sanket

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Someone who has come a long way from writing QBasic and HTML tables. Sanket identifies himself as an open source guy who loves to experiment with new tech. Currently in love with React Native, Flutter and Kotlin. Addicted to Wanderlust, Wannabe backpacker. Curiosity hasn’t killed this cool cat, yet.

Atul Ranjan

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
A very enthusiastic problem solver who has expert skills in full stack, modern, scalable and efficient web and mobile app development with the use of a plethora of modern technologies like React, React Native, AngularJS, Angular 2.0, Node.js, BackboneJS, PHP, HTML and CSS.
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