Faiz Ahmed Farooqui

Faiz Ahmed Farooqui

Associate Director of Engineering
Expert in Backend & Server Side Management.

The most amazing...

.... Thing I've developed GA-WDIO (CLI tool) that creates, configures & runs the testing platform for Web, Mobile (iOS & Android) & API stacks.

Interest & Expertise

  • Anything on Internet
  • Backend & Server Side Management


Backend Framework & Library

Laravel, Node.js, Express.js, FeathersJs, Koa


MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis

Frontend Framework & Library

React.js, AngularJS, Angular 2+, Bootstrap 4, AngularUI, JQuery, VueJS, Vuejs


HTML / CSS, JavaScript, PHP, TypeScript

Version Control

Git, GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket

Project Management

JIRA, Trello


Sublime Text, VS Code

CSS pre-processor




Web Server

Apache, Nginx

Cloud Services

Firebase, AWS S3

Testing Frameworks & Library

Mocha, Jest, PhantomJS

Testing Tools




State Management

Redux, React + MobX, React + Redux

User Interface Design

React Bootstrap

Mobile Framework & Library

React Native




Medicine E-commerce app

A React Native eCommerce app where users can buy medicines, subscribe to a package and apply for lab tests. It is built with react Native, Redux.


A React Native application that has been designed to assist families and communities throughout the world to manage their lives and relationships in a safe, secure and private environment online. It is built with React Native, Native Base, Redux sentry, and react-native-video allow the user to view posted videos within the app.

A Multi Tenant application for organisation management and communications

Portal to manage companies' progress contribution and all based on team, end-user. It is built with MYSQL, Expressjs, & React

Single platform for all your social networks

Web Application to create a single source for all social networks using React with Redux - Thunk and ExpressJs with Mongo. The users can share all their social links and share their You Social public profile.

Music social platform and marketplace

A music industry network and marketplace created using React with Thunk and Laravel with MySql and getstream.io

Food & Drink App

Get rewarded for your loyalty. Collect cashback and spend it the next time you visit your favorite bar!

Go Boilerplate

An API Server built using Golang and MySQL to achieve the Auth / CRUD logic.

Learning Go Programming

A learning source for Go programming language using easy to understand topics and clear concepts. It covers 46 topics that are crucial to learning Golang.

Parcel Delivery App

Docker powered versioning and secure deployment of a fully functional Parcel Delivery Service app for clients, that included parcel tracking, retrieval and plenty other features.

PDF Dossier & Meetings Service

A Flask based automated service which serves the purpose of generating multiple PDF dossiers for requested information on demand.


The project is based on AngularJS and Laravel. Its build for multiple roles (Super Admin, Photographer and Users).