Universal & cross platform app development Services

In today's digital landscape, where apps are the bridge between businesses and customers, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices is crucial. Universal and cross platform app development solves this challenge by letting you create a single app that flawlessly adapts to any screen size, be it a smartphone, tablet, or a larger screen.

Why Universal App Development is Better

Quick development time

No need to build the same app multiple times for different devices. Universal apps are built once and they run seamlessly across all.

Reduced Development Costs

With a single code, apps can be deployed across multiple platforms (iOS & Android). This eliminates the need to build separate codebases for each platform, saving significant resources.

Easy to maintain

For traditional native apps, maintenance puts huge load on resources since multiple apps have to be maintained to cover all device types. But universal apps have one codebase for all platforms making maintenance easy.

Consistent Brand Experience

With a centralized design system universal apps make maintaining a uniform look and feel across all platforms easy. This creates a uniform user experience and reinforces brand recognition.

We are the Trailblazers

We are the creators of NativeBase the first widely used Universal UI Component library and gluestack-ui, it's highly popular new-gen successor. With pre-built Universal components that can be suited to the styling needs of any project. These libraries make developing applications fast and easy.

Core Pillars of Our Universal and Cross-Platform Application Development

Write Once, Run Anywhere

We create a single codebase that works flawlessly on iOS, Android, and Web. In, addition, we are constantly researching compatibility with new-age platforms like AR/VR devices.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Apps are designed to adapt their behavior and UI elements to the specific platform (iOS, Android or Web) they're running on. This ensures a native look and feel for users on each device.

Performance Optimization

While offering cross-platform benefits, ensuring a blazing-fast performance for your app remains our first priority. Universal and cross platform frameworks employ techniques to ensure your app runs smoothly on various devices.

Reusable UI Components

Our component library: gluestack-ui provides 30+ Universal, Themed and Unstyled UI components that can be easily integrated into your app, saving development time and ensuring consistency across platforms.