Mohit Kumar

Mohit Kumar

Tech Lead - l
An ambitious professional experienced in software engineering, My role revolves around my essential talents in Front-end technologies (Mobile and Web App development) and partial role in Back-End technologies as well. Exploration, pursuit, strong abilities in decision-making and fostering as a key contributor in development through innovation and problem-solving skills are my source of motivation and frameworks for success that keeps pushing me to learn new stuff and accept all sorts of challenges.

The most amazing...

.... I have been involved in a few major projects that are being used by end-users on a daily basis. Seeing those apps on the app store gives me a sense and actual taste of happiness.

Interest & Expertise

  • Enterprise Mobile and Web Applications Development
  • Design systems
  • Object oriented and Modular approach
  • Agile software development
  • Clean, Modular, Robust and Structured code


  • Scholarship on securing 10 cgpa in matriculation, and certificates for various elocutions
  • Regional level player in Cricket(Auslympic 2017), Chess, and Table-tennis
  • IEEE workshop on Signal processing [2017]
  • Java (Oracle Java Certification - Associated 1Z0-808 tests) - NIT Hyderabad [2016]
  • Ethical hacking workshop - IIT Guwahati [2015]



MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search

Backend Framework & Library

Node.js, Express.js

Frontend Framework & Library

React.js, MomentJs



Version Control


CSS pre-processor


User Interface Design

NativeBase, React Bootstrap

Cloud Services



Eslint, Google Analytics, Prettier, Lodash, Formik, Ramda, Axios

Testing Frameworks & Library

Jest, Enzyme

State Management

React + Redux, Redux (with Saga and Thunk), Apollo client


Digital payments & Financial services Application (Balance)

A Mobile application for digital wallet platform which supports online payments (to registered & KYC verified balance users through phone number, balance_id or QR) and other financial services like - Paying to Businesses/Merchants, Adding Bank accounts, debit/credit cards, availing offers, viewing and sharing transaction details and list, etc. Built using React Native, Redux-Saga and other services like - Firebase, Sentry, Bugsnag, Code-push, etc. Backend services hosted on AWS and API’s written in Java.

Online educational Mobile App

A cross-platform Mobile application based on the mission to bridge the gap between tutors and students, writing and reviewing stories, etc, built using React Native, Firebase, FCM & push notifications.

Doctor-Patient Interaction Mobile App

A cross-platform mobile application that helps patients manage their own health and help healthcare practitioners facilitate and improve patient care, built using React Native, Firestore & Redux-thunk.

Role Based Task Force Management Portal

An Admin web Dashboard for handling Merchant and Sales associates, handling task assignment and related stuff, built using React JS, AntD, Bootstrap, apollo-client, Graph QL & complex google maps services.

Dunzo Clone Delivery Mobile App

A cross-platform mobile application for food ordering, pickup-drop, and cab booking services, built using React Native, Firebase & Google-Maps services, I have been involved in this project from scratch

Medical accessory and healthcare Mobile App

A cross-platform mobile application for ordering medicines based on prescription and doctor consultation, built using React Native, Redux-thunk & Axios for REST API’s.

News and Diversity Web App

A web application which helps an organization manage their portal & provides customer relationship management service through an external dashboard that connects to their Salesforce, built on React JS, PostgreSQL, Salesforce and Elasticsearch.

Mobile Gaming App

A cross-platform mobile application that allows skill-based e-Sports platform where you can play your favourite mobile games and win rewards, built using React Native, Redux-thunk.

Mortgage repayment Mobile App

An Online Mortgage handling App, that lets users repay their Mortgage in a term shorter than the Projected timeline, and save interests, built using React Native, RN-Elements, Redux thunk and Axios for network request handling.