Pushkar Kumar

Pushkar Kumar

Solution Architect - I
A Full Stack Developer who is involved in the feasibility Study, Designing, Architecture, Development, Implementation, and Knowledge of different software development methodologies. Passionate in working with UI challenges and animations. Detail-oriented, with proven communication and analytical skills; can handle multiple tasks to meet deadlines in pressure situations. Invited as an attendee at Flutter Live Event 2018.
Spring Boot
DAPR for Microservices
The Most Amazing...

....thing that I have done, I co-founded a SAAS product, which led to more than 100k downloads on the App store and Playstore with almost 500 active paying customers.

Interest & Expertise
Interest & Expertise
  • Blog writing.
  • Project Organization.
  • Team Management.
  • Mobile Applications.
  • Product Ownership.
Backend Framework & Library
Node.js, Express.js, nest, Hasura
JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart
Version Control
GitHub, Bitbucket
Project Management
JIRA, Trello
Mobile Framework & Library
Sublime Text, VS Code, IntelliJ
State Management
Redux, Scoped Mode, Provider, Bloc Pattern
Cloud Services
Firebase, Firestore, Google Cloud Platform and AWS S3
XCode, Android Studio, Postman
Frontend Framework & Library
React, Vue
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
Java Frameworks
Grocery Delivery App
A grocery delivery app that connects users to local grocery stores, with an interface for both users and shopkeepers to interact via chat, including payments , order history and order scheduling.
Technologies used - React-Native, Firestore
Developed multiple apps in Google's Flutter for https://fluttermarket.com/ such as Ecom-pro, contribution in Flutter FlatApp, and Flutter Ecommerce-Pro theme, and developed a complete backend E-Commerce app integrated with Woo-Commerce independently. It's a Starter kit with all the needed UI elements to build your iOS and Android e-commerce app like Mona / JackThreads / Canopy / Flipp, built using Google's Flutter and WooCommerce as backend.
Tech used- Flutter, WordPress with woo-commerce, PHP.
A Marketing Bot App for Sales Analysis
A sales and marketing bot app, made for sales representatives to manage their accounts and enhance their client engagements. The app was made for a leading network company for its 2500+ sales executives across the globe.
Tech used- Flutter, Rest-API’s.
Dating App
It’s Thailand's fastest-growing free dating platform. With over 250.000 verified members. The application now has more than 150k downloads across platforms.
Tech used- Flutter.
A Social App for Sports Fan Club
This app provides social connectivity for soccer supporters’ groups. The project involved developing a dashboard for a group setting, member registration, admin controls, and managing group level contents and the usual app flow in general built out of React whereas the app has been made in a flutter.
The app, on the other hand, has slack-type public and private chats, dynamic home feeds similar to the social media app’s content, ticket sales, and transaction functionality, managing user profiles, and dynamic theme settings, that sets up the entire theme of the app.
Tech used- Flutter, React, Node JS, Firebase.
Instant Payment System
The system allows completing settlements on mutual payment transactions between individuals, businesses, and government agencies in 24 * 7 * 365 modes in 5-10 seconds, as well as the widespread use of innovative technologies Qr-code, NFC, i.e. remote payment intended for application. In addition, the use of mobile numbers, e-mail addresses, FIN code of ID card, and TIN with simplified identification methods is provided for payers to make payments in a convenient way.
For this purpose, a centralized database has been created in the system, through which users are identified. The mechanism of execution of any payment in the Instant Payments System starts from the customer and ends in the CustomerB. That is, the difference from traditional payment systems is that the process from customer A to customer B is complete. In traditional payment systems, the processes are not complete, i.e. transactions are not settled immediately.
As a result, the funds are not immediately available to end users. In the case of payments processed through the Instant Payments System, interbank settlements are made in real-time, and the funds are immediately reflected in the accounts of end users, i.e. individuals, legal entities, businesses, as well as banks.
Clinical App
A clinical app for the University of Miami. The app interacts with physical aesthetics with embedded sensors. We built a dart SDK on top of native SDKs to transfer data from sensors to our cross-platform app to store it in the backend.
Tech used- React, Node, Postgres, Flutter.
Hyperlocal Delivery
It is a hyperlocal delivery startup(like dunzo) based out of UAE. Its delivery chain enables faster delivery to more customers because it operates exclusively within a small geographical area. It involves the operation of a courier agent picking up products from a seller and then delivering them directly to the customer's address.
Tech used- React, Firebase, GCP.
Application that helps in Hiring process
This application helps in the hiring process which leads to more efficiency and effectiveness for organizations. It also offers job seekers many opportunities and access to find just the right organization for themselves. The scope involved the full-stack development of a landing page, a mobile app and Web App for Candidates, a Web App for Employee, and a Web App for the Admin with design.
Technologies used - Next js, Flutter, Hasura, DAPR(Microservices), AWS, Kubernetes

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