Jajala Trived Kumar

Jajala Trived Kumar

Software Engineer
I’m an enthusiastic developer and programmer, I make web/mobile apps usually with javascript based technologies, I love to explore different technologies by implementing them in projects.

The most amazing...

.... Created a full-stack e-commerce web application with features like payment processing, adding items to the cart, and two types of user categories with different permissions.

Interest & Expertise

  • Developing apps and web applications.
  • Javascript, reactJS, react-native, expressJS.


  • JavaScript (Basic), JavaScript (Intermediate) certifications from Hacker rank.
  • Responsive Web Design certification from freecodecamp.


Backend Framework & Library

Node.js, Express.js


Todo App

A mini-project to get started with react-native to get an understanding of how different things work. Description: App was built using react-native, react-navigation, react-redux, react-hook form.


A expense tracking app having features like themes, multiple languages, multiple-currency support and multiple wallets. Description : App was built using react-native, react-navigation, react-redux, styled-components, formatJS (react-intl) for multiple languages.