Sanket Sahu

Sanket Sahu

Founder & CEO

GeekyAnts - Bangalore, India
Once upon a time, wrote HTML tables with missing <tr>'s and <td>'s and has come a long way since.Open source guy.Loves experimenting with new tech. Lives to break it, hack it and misuse it. Currently in love with React Native. Stays away from Movies and TV Series. Addicted to Wanderlust, Wanna be Backpacker. Curiosity hasn't killed his cat, yet.


JavaScript - React, AngularJs, Backbone.js, three.js, D3.js, jQuery & C3.js


Node.js - Express, Sails &


PHP - Laravel 5, Laravel 4 & Yii, iOS - Swift


MySQL - Expert DB Architect


Version Control - Git, Bitbucket, GitLab & GitHub


Tools - Webpack, Grunt, Yeoman, Less, Saas, bower & npm


UI / UX - Photoshop, FlatUI, Material Design


The Most Amazing...

... thing I've created is, an online chat service for website owners.

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Projects (Development)
UtooChat is a tool for website owners that allows them to add an online chat support system to their websites. Users can sign up and copy code snippets onto their websites to install the service. I worked as a system architect and full stack developer in a team of 4 people. We implemented the presentation website and user logic with Laravel, MySQL, and Twitter Bootstrap. The chat application was created using AngularJS for the front-end, Node.js and Socket.IO for socket and message passing, Laravel for business logic, MongoDB and MySQL to save the chat history and access log, and Redis as a layer between PHP and Socket.IO for the messaging protocol. (Design)
Designed one-page scroll theme.
Plupload Angular Directive (Other amazing things)
An open source module developed in AngularJS to ease the development process for a file upload component in the front-end. I co-developed it with my teammate and this project grew rapidly with 31 stars and 16 forks.
I asked this StackOverflow question and it appears in the first five results when you Google "jQuery UI Twitter Bootstrap". My StackOverflow profile has 1.6k+ reputation with 23 badges.
Why I Ditched Angular for React (Other amazing things)
This is an article I wrote about my transition from Angular to React. (Development)

Meowfoto is a web-based editor that can apply different types of filters to photos and is integrated with Facebook in order to allow the download of user photos. It also has a collage generator built in HTML5 using KnockoutJS.

Technologies used:

  • Custom MVC with PHP and MySQL
  • KnockoutJS for front-end collage module (with drag-n-drop)
  • Facebook SDK and Graph APIs
  • ImageMagick for image processing
  • Twitter Bootstrap for front-end design
  • Third party Shell scripts for image processing
  • Operating system: CentOS 6

Challenges that I faced and how I solved them:

  • Users needed to upload their final collage result to Facebook. The editor worked in HTML markup (using KnockoutJS), which was needed to be converted to image formats like JPEG or PNG. The front-end app exported the JSON data that was processed in the back-end to get the same result. PhantomJS was not an option as it was quite experimental at this time.
  • There were 500+ concurrent users and it was impossible to handle this amount of image processing on a single server. With the help of another system admin, I used the AWS Elastic server with a front load balancer and two clusters to carry out the image processing.
From GW-Basic to Node.js (Other amazing things)
GW-Basic was the first programming language I came across.I coded the following programs in my early days:
  • Simple file-based database system to add, delete, and edit items in GW-basic (1996).
  • A command-line program that looked like MS-DOS with commands like DIR, CD, and CLS written in GW-basic (1996).
  • A GUI program that looks like Windows 98 and also has features like a Start menu and Windows with minimize and maximize buttons, written in C (1999).
  • A personality assessment web-based program written in HTML, PHP, and MySQL (2000).

Interest & Expertise

  • Project Organisation
  • Team Management
  • UI/UX
  • Web Usability
  • Dashboard Applications
  • Image Editing Software
  • Object-oriented design
  • Pixel Perfect Code
  • Cloud Development
  • Test automation


Web-designing competition (Intercollege)
  • PESIT - 1st place - Atmatrisha 2008
  • BMS College of Engineering - 1st place - Utsav 2009
  • RV College of Engineering - 2nd place - 8th Mile 2008
  • BMS College of Engineering - 2nd place - Init 2007
  • SJBIT - 1st place - TechQuest 2007
  • SJBIT - 2nd place - TechQuest 2008
  • SJBIT - 2nd place - Elysia 2009
Technical Quiz & Puzzles
  • JSS college - 1st place - Confluence 2009
  • Auden Academy - 2nd place - Technoblast 2010
  • Surana College - 3rd place 2006
  • SJBIT - 1st place - 2008 & 2009
  • SJBIT - 1st place Elysia 2009 & Elysia 2010