Hemanth Kumar B

Hemanth Kumar B

Software Engineer
A self-taught and self-motivated individual with an inexhaustible willingness to learn and also constantly explore new and fascinating prospects, technologies, and domains. A mind that is always looking for ways to improve that will help me develop my abilities and build expertise.

The most amazing...

.... Developing full stack web application for government sub registrar office and some web application for retailers as Part-time and student. Developing Safe Hands mobile app and web application using flutter and firebase.

Interest & Expertise

  • Problem solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Learn new technologies


  • Won 6 first place and 1 second place in UG inter-college competitions.



MySQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL

Frontend Framework & Library

React.js, Vuejs

Backend Framework & Library



JavaScript, PHP, Java, Python, C++, Dart

Mobile Framework & Library


Cloud Services



Safe Hands - Appointment Booking App

An online health app to make the appointment booking process effortless. This app ensures users find and book an appointment with doctors at their requirements. It can also book diagnostic tests and set up ambulances for emergencies. Technologies used- Flutter, Firebase.

Vings - Social Media app

Vings is a new innovative form of social media that emphasizes the user's voice and is currently under development. Technologies used- Flutter, Supabase and Firebase.