Lakshay Saini

Lakshay Saini

Software Engineer
A technology enthusiast working with React and React Native and building user-friendly mobile and web applications. Love to learn new technologies and gain experience.

The most amazing...

.... I have created is a cross-platform mobile fitness application that can track workout sessions and manage workout goals.

Interest & Expertise

  • Data structure and Algorithms
  • Problem solving
  • Object Oriented programming
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web App Development


Backend Framework & Library

Node.js, Express.js

Frontend Framework & Library



HTML / CSS, JavaScript, Java, C++, TypeScript



Version Control

Git, GitLab, GitHub

Project Management



VS Code

State Management

Redux, MobX

Cloud Services


Testing Frameworks & Library



XCode, Android Studio


Fitness Application

An app that can track workout sessions and fitness goals with user authentication using firebase. A user can set his fitness goals like weight, daily steps, daily water intake, etc., and keep track of them. One can also select workout sessions from a variety of workouts designed for a particular muscle group.

Community Based Question Answer Web Application

A web application in which a user can ask questions related to some topic and some other user can answer the questions according to the topics. It also includes features like topic-wise filtration and user authentication.

Attendance Tracking Web Application

A web application that keeps track of user attendance, user leaves. It includes features like percentage tracking of attendance and tells the user about a number of days he can miss or he needs to attend to maintain the minimum percentage of attendance.