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As an experimental app development company, we have been a part of the GraphQL tech community since its launch. We’ve been utilizing it to deliver complex, flexible, and scalable apps.

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About GraphQL

Developed by Facebook to facilitate fast and specific communication with APIs, GraphQL is a query language used to query data from various sources. By making APIs swift, flexible, and developer-friendly, GraphQL speeds up the development of cost-effective modern web and mobile applications.

Benefits of GraphQL in App Development

  • Stable and lightweight
  • Prevents over or under-fetching of data
  • Inherently graphical, declarative, and strongly typed
  • Great fit for micro-services architecture
  • Fetches specific data with a single API call
  • Autogeneration of API documentation

Why Choose GeekyAnts as Your GraphQL Development Company?

Experienced GraphQL Professionals

Our team of expert GraphQL developers has proven experience in designing and developing high-quality, scalable apps using GraphQL.

Hundreds of Apps Created

At GeekyAnts, we have been using GraphQL since its launch to create apps satisfying clients from a range of industries worldwide.

Global App Quality Standards

We maintain global standards while transforming your app development dreams into reality without gaps in quality.

Affordable Applications

GraphQL makes APIs quick, efficient, and scalable, reducing development costs and time for your product requirements.

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What GraphQL API Development Services Do We Provide?

We provide React Native app development services centered around your requirement, augmented by our expertise. Our React Native app development experts are skilled in the nuances of React Native and adept at delivering React Native app development projects on time without compromising on quality.

Our Services

API Architecture and Its Design

We are adept in designing custom and personalized APIs based on business requirements. Our experienced developers ensure that each API design does the job flawlessly.

UI/ UX Design Considering GraphQL APIs

We can create UI/UX interfaces using GraphQL in innovative formats. Our experienced developers can handle all project requirements with ease.

Migrating Existing Backend to GraphQL

We help you migrate the existing backend to GraphQL. We ensure the transition is simple and easy to implement

Integrating GraphQL to Existing Backend

We assist in integrating GraphQL to current projects. Our development team handles the process end-to-end.

Our GraphQL Products

We actively contribute to the GraphQL development community and have created various tools in the process. A few are highlighted below.


Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about our services below

Many companies use GraphQL for its efficient development features. Some well-known companies that have used GraphQL in their tech stack include:

  • Facebook
  • Shopify
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • GitHub
  • The New York Times

GraphQL is being used by a growing number of companies across various industries, and its popularity is likely to continue to increase as more developers discover its benefits.