Ankur Rathi

Ankur Rathi

Software Engineer - II
A web developer with a passion for Frontend development and design. I aspire towards a career that will allow me to channel my creativity through crafting beautiful software and engaging experiences.
The Most Amazing...

....thing I have done is, I have built a quiz app where two quizzes were running parallel, with a timer for each side of the question.

Interest & Expertise
Interest & Expertise
  • Web App Development
  • Responsive Websites
  • Badminton
  • Portrait Sketching
  • Silver medal in Analog Electronics from IIT MADRAS.
  • Played Badminton for Bhopal Region in Odisha.
Frontend Framework & Library
React.js, chakra-ui, React, Styled Components
HTML / CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript
Version Control
State Management
User Interface Design
NativeBase, Ant Design
Query Language
Cloud Services
Visual Studio Code
Backend Framework & Library
Hiring Platform
A hiring platform for GenZ and Millennials with onboards candidates and employers that makes hiring flow smooth. There are 3 platforms under this project as Super Admin, Candidate, and Employer.

Employer- As an Employer one can create a post jost, add different HR/Job Requester for varies location, and search candidates based on their skills and interest. I worked on critical areas like Candidate discovery where you can filter based on Job Post requirements and it will search out candidates with a match score against the provided filter. The higher the match score the better candidate fits for the role. Also worked on the employer dashboard for brief view,and Hiring pipeline flow.

Super Admin- Created an internal platform which manages all new employer registration, candidates resume approvals, managing other admins, job description approvals for new Job Post, master pages for industry, departments, roles, and skills and how they are connected to each other, and all the payment plans which are used in Employer portal. Admin can see all the live data about new registration, total interview scheduled for a particular day, credit redeemed, and all the other matrices with yearly and monthly data..

Candidates- As a candidate one can search for a job post based on their skill set ,interest and location. Check for the latest walkin Jobs near his/her location. Check for ongoing interview status etc. Check for the latest walk-in Jobs near his/her location. Check for ongoing interview status etc.

There are two more portals, one is a Landing page and another is the career website for every employer. In career, all the job posts are shown with details and job descriptions.
Tech Stack used- NextJs, TypeScript, Antd, Native Base, GraphQl, Hasura
UI Component Library
This library is solely created for the Hiring platform project. It contains NativeBase components and for custom styling. Created small reusable components with base layer custom theme.
Health Care App
Currently, there are few websites that take care of proper health records. This app is specially built from the perspective of doctors and patients. A doctor can see the appointments for a partial day or week and have a record of patients with a medical history and patients can also log in and see the medication and reports.
This product is built using React, redux-persist, TailwindCSS, and Typescript.
Audiophille Ecommerce
This is an E-commerce website to take care of all your audio devices needed like headphones, earphones, and speakers with the best UI experience you can have these days.
This project is built using React, Redux, and styled-components.
It is a simple Netflix clone where you can sign in and watch trailers of all the latest movies and TV shows trending on Netflix all free with the same UI experience.
This project is built using React, redux and styled-components.