Ashish Rajesh Gour

Ashish Rajesh Gour

Software Engineer - II
Proficiency in Full-Stack Development, coupled with robust expertise in Mobile Application Development. Specialised in a spectrum of technologies, including Flutter, Dart, React, Next.js, and Node.js. I thrive on delivering sleek and efficient solutions to navigate real-time challenges. As a team player with inherent leadership qualities, I bring a blend of technical expertise and collaborative spirit to every project.
MERN stack
Bloc and provider for state management
The Most Amazing...

....Designed and implemented an IoT-based smart garbage management system that helps prevent overflowing of garbage once the garbage reaches a certain level programmed beforehand. To make this system more efficient we also implemented functionality that once it reaches a certain limit a message is sent to the garbage collector using a service named Twilio. This project was the second runner up in the Microsoft project hackathon (in second year of engineering ) held in our college and is still used.

Interest & Expertise
Interest & Expertise
  • Building cross platform applications
  • Graphic designing
  • Traveling
  • I have been the core member of the Student council during my engineering. I was the head of the technical and designing committee and have been the core part of the cultural, tech fest and other events held in the college. I have also designed a college magazine for the year 2019-2020.
Backend Framework & Library
Node.js, Hasura
JavaScript, Java, Python, TypeScript, Dart
Mobile Framework & Library
Cloud Services
Query Language
GraphQL, SQL
Frontend Framework & Library
Dating Application
The ultimate dating app developed in Flutter which provides various features such as intuitive swiping to discover potential matches, engaging user posts, heys videos and engaging in meaningful conversations with a seamless chat feature.
Role & responsibility:
- Developed a secure and user-friendly password-less authentication system, eliminating the need for passwords and autofill OTP.
- Implemented an aesthetically pleasing home screen, enabling users to effortlessly post and explore other user-generated content.
- Collaborated with the team to implement a dynamic swiping feature for user profiles based on user location and various filters like age, gender, distance and interests, offering an experience for seamless swiping to discover potential matches.
- Introduced a unique video editing feature called ‘Hey Ads' allowing users to create personalised video ads for enhanced self-expression with the help of Banuba SDK integration.
- Integrated a real-time chatting functionality, enabling matched users to engage in meaningful conversations within the app.
- Developed seamless user interaction with features like user search, editing user profiles, liking posts, commenting, reporting, and blocking to ensure safety.
Tech Stacks: Flutter ( BLoC state management), Firebase, GraphQL, Agora SDK, Banuba SDK
Meeting Schedule Application
An application for the people working in the same organization to schedule meetings and events across the week or month. It has the feature to add participants to the event and schedule the date and time for the same. It also has a chat and profile features to chat with other participants in one-to-one chat or as a group chat. Tech stack - Flutter and Firebase
Online Booking Application
A super app built in Flutter that brings personalised smart services to your fingertips from ordering groceries to catching a movie, or news, making a restaurant reservation, booking a hotel stay, or finding your car in the parking lot.
Role & responsibility:
- Investigated and addressed reported bugs, providing timely resolutions to improve the app's reliability.
-Collaborated with QA teams to identify and fix issues, ensuring a bug-free user experience.
-Utilised BLoC architecture for efficient state management, enhancing the app's scalability and maintainability.
-Participated in agile methodology to ensure seamless collaboration and project delivery.
Tech Stacks: Flutter ( BLoC state management), Firebase,
Weather App
An application that fetches current weather from an API and displays the details in the UI using the BLOC and the repository pattern. Tech stack - Flutter and BLOC

Geek Speaks


We, at GeekyAnts, are always experimenting, especially with any new tech that we manage to get our hands on. Twitter offers Spaces, a live audio conversation platform, where people can schedule and hold online chat sessions, which anyone can join. The idea really struck our geeks, and they decided to give it a whirl. And the result is speekup: A live-conversation platform inspired by Twitter Spaces. In this video, Asmit Srivastava and Ashish Gour talk about speekup, the idea behind it, and how it was developed.