Developer Environment Security

We develop state-of-the-art mobile and web apps and our development environment is safe, secure and ready for it. We have set-up state-of-the art security infrastructures in place for our developer environment so that your data and code remains protected and secure, under any circumstance. Our security measures are ISO certified and approved.

Why Dev Environment Security

Our clients are extremely important to us, and so is their data. We understand how sensitive information can be stolen or leaked by cyber threats and we know the consequences of it, which can be destructive. We take extreme measures to create a secure dev environment where you can share your code and information freely with the relevant stakeholders, without risking a breach and also track where your information is being used.
With our experience of 16+ years in the industry, we have set up a centralized security system that protects your ideas and so that you don’t have to worry about it and can focus on building your dream project with us.

Our Secure Dev Environment

Mobile Device Management (MDM)
We use a highly secure Mobile Device Management solution to provision all company mobile devices used by our teams to protect any sensitive and important data on mobile phones by applying security processes and policies on all devices, which is managed centrally through an endpoint solution.
Apple Business Manager for MacBooks
All MacBooks used by our developers are configured with Apple Business Manager (ABM), that allows us to prepare secure devices to build apps and code quickly, with an over-the-air management system to monitor apps installed on the systems and allow only genuine and licensed software on these workstations, all with the security of Apple.
Kandji for Device Management
To make all our devices ISO compliant, we have installed Kandji, a cutting-edge Apple Device Management for Apple devices, which allows us to prepare all Apple devices for secure application development and for remote work, with automated settings for application installation and complete activity monitoring. In the case where an employee leaves the organization, Kandji performs an automated deep format of their assets to ensure that no residual information or registries exist.
Encrypted HDDs
All hard drives (HDD, SSD) used to store your data and application code are secured and encrypted with CIS Level 1 encryption systems, so that your data is protected and unusable for unauthorised users.
In House Secure VPN
We have an on-premise secure VPN hardware (OpenVPN and SOPHOS) that all our devices and developers connect on so that any data transfer done over the internet on home networks are secured and malicious intercepts can be blocked.
SOPHOS Endpoint Security
We have instated SOPHOS Endpoint security on all devices used by our teams, which is centralized in nature and actively blocks all viruses, malwares, ransomwares and any other threats that may accidentally infect these devices, and sends real-time reports of any malicious activity on devices.
Remote Locking And Reset In Case Of Theft, Loss or Other Conditions
We run an active remote locking system on all our devices that instantly locks a device, mobile or workstation, as soon as a loss or theft is reported. This lock is unbreakable and protects any data or information that is on that system. These systems can be remotely wiped clean so no data or information is compromised.