Dec 1, 2021

Proven Strategies For Increasing User Engagement

A guide to user engagement and some proven strategies to improve it
Siri Kaliparambil
Siri KaliparambilTechnical Content Writer

The secret mantra to making any product a success is to manage the way that the users interact with it and by ensuring that this interaction is a great experience for them. Needless to say, this is why user engagement has become pivotal to anyone who's trying to market their product better. It is critical that businesses focus on creating long term strategies which helps them to build lasting relationships with the customer; this not only keeps them interested in the product but there also is a higher chance of them referring and promoting your product.

What is user engagement in app development?

User engagement is a long-term and ongoing process used by companies to keep customers enthralled, whether by sending them updates or to give them the best possible experience. The idea behind employing such strategies is to get them used to the idea and experience of the product which in turn can also help your business to push the app better, creating a win-win experience for all. Measuring the way that users interact with your application is pivotal in ensuring its success; not only will you get an idea about the drawbacks of the product but it will also help marketers to strategize better and implement features which can curate a better experience for users. Let’s look at some ways that this can be done:

Keep it simple

Making a good first impression is quite important and curating a simple and straightforward experience for your app is the best way to go forward with this. Users can get quite skittish if the app is too complex for them to understand, so implement just the necessary features and do away with the unnecessary ones which can cause the interface to appear cluttered.

Guide them through the initial steps

Assisted learning is the best way for anyone to explore the app because of which it helps if you implement a learning guide of sorts which can help users to navigate through your app. This will not only help them to understand your app better but it will encourage users to take full advantage of its functionalities.

Communicate via the app

It is all about hitting the right spot and what better way to do this than to provide your users with information about any updates or releases on the medium where you know you have a sure-shot way of finding them- the application.

Employ in-app analytics

Now that we have spoken about the importance of personalising the way that a brand engages with their target audience, let’s look into an efficient way to derive the data necessary to do this. One of the best and most effective ways to go about this is by employing in-app analytics which gives you accurate data about user preferences and how the app is being used.

How do you hit the sweet spot and catch the customer at the right time?

Employing a conversational approach to marketing your product is a great way to keep users engaged. The key is getting them hooked onto your product and using an interactive approach can go a long way in achieving this goal. Moreover, it is about catching them at the right time for which you can devise a strategy based on the data derived from in-app analytics and other such metrics. Your way to go forward can range from sending push notifications with appealing emojis to sending notifications at a time when the user is likely to convert. While it is not possible to employ the manforce necessary to provide support for your customers in many cases, you can also employ  Chatbots help to bridge this gap through automated responses which identify and respond to gaps in conversations when interacting with the customer.


Customer engagement is extremely important for any business and not implementing the right strategies may lead to users who aren't happy with the offerings of your brand. With the best user engagement practices, you can not only identify your customers but you’ll be able to create a lasting bond through a customer-centric approach. While these are only some of the few strategies for increasing user engagement, here are some amongst the many other practices you can follow:

  • Using social media and other social platforms.
  • Adding visual content that is appealing to the user's eye.
  • Uncover up selling opportunities with push notifications.
  • Planning ahead to retain customers.

It’s all about understanding that the customer is king and then you can go about planning how to improve user engagement. Hope this article has helped you start looking in the right direction.

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