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The GeekyAnts mobile app development team are core contributors to popular frameworks like React Native and Flutter. We understand the nuances of building a mobile app better than most.

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Mobile App Development Services
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Why Build a Mobile App for Your Business?

Having a mobile application is like being in constant touch with your target segment. It allows your business to create a priceless connection with the user. A robust application empowers you to deliver a personalized and convenient user experience.

Why Choose GeekyAnts as Your Mobile Development Company?

GeekyAnts has been an innovation leader in mobile application development for nearly a decade. The team comprises seasoned professionals and skilled developers who understand the nuances of building modern apps. When partnering with us to develop your mobile application, you are assured a mobile app with outstanding performance and great support.

Well-versed with Modern Mobile Tech Stacks

The team comprises senior mobile app developers and core contributors to popular mobile app development frameworks like React Native and Flutter. This gives a big advantage of being able to suggest the best tech journey for you. 

Strong Mobile Portfolio

Our portfolio includes high-performing apps of industry leaders. Some of them are a multifunctional app for Darden, a video conferencing app for 100ms, a gaming app for Mobile Premier League, mobile banking app for ICICI Bank, and a news app for Scroll News

15+ Open-Source Products in the Mobile Space

We are big on open-source projectsNativeBase is an open-source UI library that we created that currently has 18k+ stars on GitHub. Apart from this, we are creators of Flutter Market, NativeBase Startup+, and more.

End-to-end Support from Ideation to Post-launch

We take the onus of ensuring your business benefits from the mobile app. From ideation and development to post-deployment support, our team will guide you in the complete journey of the application creation process.

Our Mobile Development Process

Business Analysis & Estimation

Ideation and Planning

Defining features and functionalities

Scope and goals 

Business Analysis & Estimation

Ideation and Planning

Defining features and functionalities

Scope and goals 

Our Mobile App Development Journey

    • Experimentation with cross-platform mobile app technology
    • Breakthrough with React
  • 2016
    • NativeBase v1 launched
    • Started first React Native project
    • Hosted first React Native meetup
  • 2017
    • Started on MPL’s React Native app
    • Interaction with the Google Flutter team in the US
    • Authored a part of Flutter documentation
    • Started working on our first Flutter client project
  • 2018
    • NativeBase crosses 10k+ stars
    • Launched StartFlutter(OSS) and FlutterMarket
    • Organized our first Flutter meetup
    • Completed 10 Flutter client projects
  • 2019
    • Benchmark of creating 100+ React Native apps
    • Launch of NativeBase Marketplace
    • Nativebase v3 launch
    • Got invited to the Flutter London event by Google
  • 2022
    • Over 100+ client projects delivered in Flutter
  • 2023
    • Exploring the power of AI to build mobile apps.
  • Mobile App Development Services Provided By GeekyAnts

    We provide mobile app development services centered around your requirement, augmented by our expertise. Our development team is skilled in incorporating new updates in popular frameworks to create a fresh and modern app. Our project timelines are optimized and ensure cost savings.

    Cross-platform Development

    We leverage the power of popular frameworks like React Native and Flutter to create apps that run seamlessly on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android.

    Mobile App Design

    We develop visually appealing, user-friendly interfaces for mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

    App Maintenance and Support

    We provide maintenance and support services, including upgrades of app versions and dependencies.

    App Optimization

    We help optimize the performance and user experience of the application to boost engagement.

    Third-party Integration

    We integrate the apps with various third-party services, such as social media, payment gateways, analytics, and more.

    Quality Assurance

    We ensure that the delivered application is of exceptional quality through strict quality testing rounds.

    Tech Stacks and Tools We Use


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    Developing a mobile app takes time and money, depending on various factors. These factors can include complexity, features planned, and budgetary constraints.

    Usually, it takes around three to six months to develop a mobile app. The cost of creating a mobile app can differ. Simple ones may cost only a few thousand dollars, while more complex ones cost over $100,000.

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