User Management

A salient user management module designed to let new users sign-up with an account and existing users to sign-in with their accounts to use the app. Also includes profile management.


Restaurant/Menu Listing

A list of all restaurants and eateries around the users location for them to explore, view images, ratings and menu.


Table Booking Module

An interconnected system for users to pick their favourite restaurant and book a table at a time of their choice or look for food related events and buy tickets.


Optional Food Ordering Module

Cater to the user group that wants to stay in and order their favourite dish or beverage with a special module dedicated to food ordering.


Feedback & Ratings System

An in-app system for user to leave their feedback and ratings on places visited for other users and restaurants to view.


Admin Dashboard

A dashboard view for admins of the app to manage registered users and establishments, manage promotions, app functions and more.


Restaurant View

A separate view for establishments to manage incoming bookings and existing ones form users and have options to manipulate them.