Education Industry App & Software Development
Closing The Gap Between Education & Skill Through Transformative eLearning Apps & Software. Being an eLearning app development company, we provide efficient app and software development services for the education industry to revolutionize the way students learn.
We help educational institutes ensure they improve educational effectiveness with our eLearning app development solutions, designed to help you keep your focus on the receiver, the student. Our engaging and interactive digital learning platforms help students gain knowledge without having to go anywhere.

Students are now empowered to gain new skills either through real-time or recorded lectures. If you are an educator who aspires to take learning out of the classroom and make it effective, our apps and software development solutions for the education industry can help you realize that dream.
Student Management
Enables existing and new students to enjoy learning while managing their accounts.
Live Stream/ Classroom Lectures
Live stream classes for your students to learn in real-time or record classes and host them on the platform for students to view at their convenience.
Forum/Chatroom/Discussion Rooms
A place for students and teachers to join and discuss subjects and topics or answer questions and learn together.
Assignments/Tests Hosting
Allows uploading assignments for students to solve and hold online tests to analyze the progress and plan ahead.
Teacher View
A streamlined view for teachers to manage their subjects, classes, and timings with a dedicated secure FTP server to upload files and share supplementary material.
Admin View
Comprehensive admin view to manage students, teachers, forums, promotions, and the overall functionality of the application.


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With experience spanning over 16 years, our teams have worked to realize the dreams of providing educational transformation for various institutes and organizations. We prioritize the quality of our services, strive to fulfill client requirements, and provide flexible engagement models. Our apps and software developed for the education industry have been receiving positive feedback from all clients and users.