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Our Products

For clinics
We help healthcare professionals digitize patient records through customized offerings and services.
  • Record digitization
  • Patient experience upgrades
  • Virtual consults
  • Appointment booking automation
  • Revenue pliferage stoppage
  • Queue management
  • Patient follow-ups
  • Virtual presciptions
For small and mid-sized hospitals
We help transform your patient experience through state-of-the-art digital transformation and automation.
  • Patient record digitization in <1 min without
  • Laboratory automation
  • Automate prescription sharing & retrievals
  • Patient experience upgrades
  • Appointment booking process automation
  • Virtual consultation
  • Waiting time reduction for patients
  • Chat-based query resolution
  • Increase patient adherence & follow-ups
  • Targeted messages to patients
  • Employee management platforms
For large hospitals
We help provide care faster and better through increased digital adoption by doctors and related healthcare professionals.
  • Boosts in digital adoption
  • Increase postmortem report sharing
  • Emergency medicine digital disbursal
  • Consent form digitization
  • Increase the quality of patient care
  • Queue management
  • Patient follow-ups
  • Virtual presciptions
  • Appointment booking automation