Case Studies

Dive deep into our processes and how we helped our clients achieve their goals and dreams through the work that we do. Our case studies are a detailed walkthrough of how we solve problems and create transforming digital solutions on the daily.

The @ Company

The @ Company has committed itself towards the creation of a more 'human' internet by enabling users to access the goodness of the internet, without sacrificing their privacy online.

Sports Training simulation for Coresports

Developing a sports based instructional simulation using Raspberry Pi, Python & Flutter

Asset Management Dashboard

Developing an Asset Management Dashboard for a Fortune 500 company

ScrollNews: Capture the moment

A brand new platform for users to share and post news related topics

Mortgage Planner For Sprive

Developing a loan optimizer and mortgage planner for a leading Fintech company in the UK.

E-Sports Platform For MPL

Building a robust mobile gaming platform for India's biggest E-sports company to entertain billions of users.

Carbon Footprint Tracker For Greenr

Assisting environmentalists to raise awareness and give the power of preserving the planet to the people through a digital platform.

Video Dating App For Twirl

Making finding love, friends, and maintaining self well-being come together in a video-based Social Interaction App.

Healthcare Software

A web app that will help a healthcare organization to deliver solutions to healthcare centers to simplify communication, align processes and deliver quick and effective care to patients.

Chat application for EndLink

Endlink focuses on helping businesses and departments connect and communicate to create new things.

Parcel App for PayPoint

UK's Largest Billing Service Provider Hired GeekyAnts To Help Expand It's Service Avenues.

Social App for Liviit

The Man behind Liviit employed GeekyAnts to shift his web-app to a mobile app in React Native.

PopSmartKids Education App

Converting screen time of kids to learning experiences with a special focus on mentoring over monitoring to build able citizens.

Real-estate App for Torii

Making house hunting a simpler and seamless experience for clients of a real-estate giant in California and Massachusetts.

Dating App

Extending the experience of the biggest dating app in the region to a mobile app using state-of-the-art technology and expanding their user base multifold.

Subscription Based Delivery App

Revolutionizing on-demand services with a combination of subscription based models and cutting-edge technology.

Marigold Health

Helping a healthcare organization promote mental health with their concept of text-based support groups for people with mental ailments.

Digital Railway Solution

Making maintenance accurate and immediate with IoT & state-of-the-art mobile technology for a heavy industries giant in the Railway division.

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