Healthcare App Development Services

The healthcare space is an ever-evolving industry that needs modern technology to transform the lives of patients and their families. With our healthcare app development services, professionals in the healthcare space can achieve their mission effortlessly.
Healthcare App Development Services

Healthcare App Development Services Offered by Us

To cover the growing demands of healthcare institutions, we offer fully custom healthcare app development services that cover an organization's entire gamut of requirements. Our offerings encompass direct interactions with patients and their caregivers, as well as tailored solutions for internal institutional use. Explore our services today.

Custom Healthcare Software Development

We create custom healthcare software products and apps that are bespoke to a healthcare institute's requirements. Our app development solution can effectively incorporate custom workflows, patient data collection, and internal organization functions.

Telemedicine App Development

We help develop telemedicine applications in a highly competitive time and budget. Our telemedicine applications are also loaded with the latest UI/UX features as they are built with the latest technologies. Check out our Geekcare app for a demo.

EHR and EMR solutions

Our EHR (Electronic Health Record) and EMR (Electronic Medical Record) solutions can improve patient care and outcomes with it's state-of-the-art digital features and patient data management workflows. We create each solution custom for an organization.

Clinic Management System

Our clinic management solutions simplify managing multiple clinics or operations on the ground. These solutions and apps are designed to fast-track the operational processes while ensuring patients get the proper care.

Pharma Application

We help create pharma apps with the latest features and the best investment return. These apps contain features for medication management, ordering, tracking of orders, and payment to merchants. We also build apps for admins of pharma businesses.

Patient Portal

We empower healthcare organizations to interact with their patients more effectively with robust patient portals that handle various requirements. If there are patient-facing features, we also design them to be interactive and user-friendly.

HIPAA-Compliant Software

Our team consists of experts in the healthcare space that understand the HIPAA compliance norms and related legalities. This allows us to create apps that adhere to these regulations to the maximum accuracy.

Partner SaaS Products (Subscription basis)

We have an extensive network of healthcare partners that can provide ready-to-launch solutions. Through us, these partners and their products are available based on a subscription model. We assure the services and quality of delivery.

Our Experience in Healthcare App Development

Our team has delivered quality healthcare applications & software solutions to industry leaders for over six years. We, as a healthcare software and app development company, have interacted with leaders, built a team that understands the industry, and built a healthcare ecosystem that puts the users first.



Healthcare Engineers



Years of Experience in Healthcare



Projects Delivered

Some of our proud creations include apps and solutions in the following areas:

Telemedicine Application
Telemedicine Application
Clinic Management System
Clinic Management System
EHR/ EMR Solution
EHR/ EMR Solution
Mental Health Application
Mental Health Application
Pharma Application
Pharma Application
Learning Management System
Learning Management System
Patient Portal
Patient Portal
Maternity Care Application
Maternity Care Application

Why Choose GeekyAnts as your Healthcare App Development Company?

Industry leaders trust our healthcare app development team for our expertise in using the latest technologies to build quality, scalable solutions. We, as a healthcare software and app development services, company can create solutions that allow healthcare institutions to make a positive difference in their process and client engagement.

6+ Years of Healthcare Experience

Our team has worked in the healthcare industry for over half a decade. In this timeline, we have delivered solutions for the industry leaders in critical areas like patient engagement and operation management.

Flexible Engagement Models

We follow a flexible engagement model based on business goals. Our healthcare developers and tech experts evaluate the best models and build a roadmap that makes it easier to achieve targets with the best ROI.

Dedicated Account Manager

During our engagement, we provide a dedicated account manager to streamline communication and ensure all views are implemented best. The result is an excellent product with minimal hassle.

Agile Project Management Methodology

We use the agile development process thanks to its flexibility, collaboration perks, increased transparency, reduced risk, and faster delivery timelines. The process also makes it easier to push upgrades and scale apps.

Design System Approach

Our team follows a design systems approach when creating healthcare software solution or apps. This makes is easier to bring the final product to life with consistency and minimal iterations. There is also an assurance of easy upgrades.

Scalable Tech Architecture

Our healthcare developers ensure that the tech architecture created is made to scale. We understand that there is a need to be versatile in the industry. With that view, we choose tech stacks that can meet any future requirements.

Superior Code Quality

Our team of healthcare tech developers and experts knows the latest tech stacks inside out. Many are core contributors to leading frameworks like React Native and Flutter. This ensures the best code quality in the market.

Timely Delivery

Our commitment to delivery timelines is watertight. We follow a strict process to ensure that we deliver apps and other add-ons within the agreed-upon timelines. For this, we have kept checks and balances on various steps.

Compliances we follow for Healthcare App Development


Major Modules to build your Custom Healthcare App

We have a wide range of healthcare modules that cover all the requirements of a healthcare organization. Our certified healthcare experts and developers also make sure that all the modules and corresponding tech stacks work together perfectly.

How We Work with You to Build the Best-in-the-Market Healthcare App

How We Work with You to Build the Best-in-the-Market Healthcare App

GeekyAnts partners
Palm Power

We are proud partners with Palm Power, a leader in the digitizing of healthcare services. The solutions are customizable plug-and-play services for hospitals and clinics. They are proven to help healthcare service providers boost collections, improve patient experience, slash operational costs, and provide superior patient care.
Partner Palm Power

Services included in Palm Power’s SaaS pages

  • Record digitization
  • Patient and employee management
  • Virtual consultation
  • Revenue pilferage stoppage
  • Laboratory automation
  • Queue management

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The benefits of healthcare app development include:

  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Enhanced patient experience
  • Increased access to healthcare services
  • Improved communication between patients and healthcare providers
  • Better medication management
  • Increased patient engagement