Healthcare App Development Services

Contributing to the digital healthcare ecosystem in the process of digitization.

We provide innovative and customer-centric custom software and app development solutions to healthcare and medical professionals worldwide.
The disruption in the healthcare industry due to the global pandemic has allowed us and our expert healthcare developers to gain experience in building the ideal healthcare mobility solution for our clients, starting with UI/UX design and finishing with the development of the entire back-end system.

As a full-stack software development company specializing in medical health care, we create top-notch medical applications based on advanced cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, AR, and IoT.
Patient Management
A simple user module that allows patients to create and access their accounts as required.
Appointment/Booking Module
A powerful appointment module that helps patients search for appropriate doctors and book in-person or online consultations.
Chat Module & Community Forum
A secure instant messenger allows patients to get in touch with doctors they have booked appointments with online and create community forums.
Review & Feedback Module
A review system for patients to rate their experience with doctors and provide feedback on their treatment.
Admin Dashboard
A dashboard that allows admins to manage patients, doctor databases, promotions, subscriptions, and moderate communities.
Doctor's Module
A specialized view for Doctors to manage their availability, patients being treated, schedule appointments, and communicate.

Our Healthcare App Development Services

By offering the appropriate custom healthcare app development services, with a particular emphasis on user-focus aspects, we, as one of the top providers of healthcare technology solutions, hope to help the medical sector improve and automate its processes.

  • EHR & EMR Solutions

Through our EHR and EMR solutions, we provide a repository for medical records that can easily be integrated with hospital and insurance systems.

  • Back Office Hospital Solution

This administration tool is a back office solution for hospitals we've developed using technologies like Postgres & Golang.

  • Interoperability Solution

Our interoperability solution will offer users clear, practical information that can be used to guarantee that data is transferred between electronic health record systems without interruption.

  • Admin Dashboard​​

Our admin dashboard allows admins to manage patients, doctor databases, promotions, subscriptions and moderate communities.

  • Appointment/Booking Module

Using our appointment booking module, patients can find appropriate doctors and schedule in-person or online appointments.

  • Chat Module & Community Forum

With the help of our safe and secure instant messenger, patients can contact doctors they have scheduled appointments with online and create forums for discussion.

Types of Healthcare Apps We Help Develop

The healthcare industry may be profoundly impacted by technological breakthroughs. GeekyAnts seeks to help hospitals, privately held companies and related groups that are trying to influence or improve the healthcare industry. One of the core competencies of our skilled healthcare app development team includes HIPAA compliance, patient portals, patient data, pharmaceutical solutions, medical records, EHR connectivity and other related areas.

Telemedicine App

An online app created to improve communication between patients and physicians during consultations and when receiving treatment for various ailments.

Maternity Hospital App

A web and mobile app for a leading maternity hospital in the country includes internal dashboards and apps that cater to the patient’s digital demands.

Mental health app

As part of our project, we created an app that offers users a safe space to discuss mental health issues with professional help.

Hospital Management System

The enterprise is an admin dashboard for an offshore client that connects a medical clinic's staff, patients and nurses. It was built using React.js.

Medical & Legal Compliance, We Follow

Medical applications should be simple to use, comprehend, and bring real value to their users. They should also, of course, continue to be HIPAA compliant.

  • HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act establishes the criteria for protecting sensitive data. We're here to help and guide you through it.

Why Choose Geekyants For Healthcare App Development?

Our goal is to assist hospitals, privately held businesses and ancillary businesses aiming to influence or enhance the healthcare sector.

Being a top mHealth app development company in the USA and India with over 17 years of experience, we recognize the value of developing scalable and user-friendly apps. We offer technology-enabled digital healthcare app development solutions that facilitate accessible doctor-patient communication by utilizing our knowledge, skills and adherence to best practices in the field.

We are proud of

  • Having substantial expertise in digital healthcare
  • Providing round-the-clock technical support
  • Data protection and compliance
  • Having a professional team that is committed
  • Providing timely delivery
  • Creating user-friendly software

GeekyAnts partners
Palm Power

We are proud partners with Palm Power, a leader in the digitizing of healthcare services. The solutions are customizable plug-and-play services for hospitals and clinics. They are proven to help healthcare service providers boost collections, improve patient experience, slash operational costs, and provide superior patient care.
Partner Palm Power

Services included in Palm Power’s SaaS pages

  • Record digitization
  • Patient and employee management
  • Virtual consultation
  • Revenue pilferage stoppage
  • Laboratory automation
  • Queue management

Solutions Realized

Our healthcare app and software development work for clients from digital healthcare and wellness industry speaks for the diligence with which we build software solutions to digitalize providing healthcare to needful patients. We believe in and promote the right of every individual to access quality healthcare as required. And following the same thoughts, we have helped various clients achieve their dreams. Here are a few of them.
Mental Health Platform for IvySky
Revolutionising mental health solutions with IvySky, an organisation by teens for teens
Carbon Footprint Tracker App For Greenr
Assisting environmentalists to raise awareness and give the power of preserving the planet to the people through a digital platform.
Support Group Therapy App For Marigold Health
Helping a healthcare organization promote mental health with their concept of text-based support groups for people with mental ailments.
Healthcare Software For A Healthcare Professional
A web app that will help a healthcare organization to deliver solutions to healthcare centers to simplify communication, align processes and deliver quick and effective care to patients.
Digital platform for a healthcare facility promoting treatment for children with psychological issues.
We helped a facility focused on children's mental health develop a digital platform for children with anxiety & OCD to control their condition with the help of simple animated graphics and interactive exercises.
Digital Management Solution for a leading healthcare organization to enable organizational streamlining and faster patient care.
Our web solutions helped an Australian Healthcare company to help hospitals and caregivers to organize and manage their workflow to provide quick and effective patient-centric services.


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