Social media & Communication

Revolutionizing The Communication Hub Of The World
Social media has become the primary source of all communication in the world, being the first true digital platform ever. Our social media solutions are designed to leverage the best of this industry and propel its capabilities even further.
The world runs on social media. From casual conversations to business deals, social media is the epicenter of all communication in the world. Not only that, it has emerged as an effective means of marketing aggressively. This brings competition with it, which is evident by the number of platforms active in the world today. With Social Media platforms, we help industries harness their true potential and widen their reach exponentially, while creating a massive user base and effectively communicating with stakeholders and consumers.
User Management
A user management module for platform users to create new accounts to sign-up for the app or use existing accounts to sign-in to continue using and a simple profile management system inbuilt.
Connectivity & Feed
Let users find people and connect to their friends on the network. Populate their feed with relevant content and updates from their connections.
Instant Messenger & File Sharing
Let users have conversations with their connections on a secure chat service and exchange files over the internet.
Status Updates, Stories & Live Streaming
Keep people involved and updated with status updates, a stories feature and keep everyone in the loop with live streaming.
Business Platform Module
Promote your business or let other businesses utilize your platform to promote their businesses with a business module integrated in your platform.
Admin Dashboard
Manage your platform using an easy to use admin dashboard. Moderate content, manage users, ads and permissions with a dedicated dashboard for the app.

Solutions Realized

Our work with our partners speaks for our experience and love for the industry. Check out how we have helped our clients achieve their dreams.
Integrated an AI Assistant within an app for a California-based artist.
We helped a known name in music and his enterprise build an app that utilizes artificial intelligence to act as an assistant and provide contextual feedback and human like interactions.
Social media platform for people who want to streamline their days and sync up in their busy schedules
We helped design a digital platform to assist people in their day to day lives by streamlining their daily activities in their busy schedules, with just functional Private Hubs & Community Networks.
A company developed a platform to deliver quick, consumable stories with us.
A leading news delivery company partnered with us to create a platform to deliver news of different genres to its readership in short and concise pieces, which are quick and easy to consume and keeps people updated about the world, quickly.
A Mom-treupreneur realized her idea of bringing the moms of the world together using social media with our solutions.
A mother and an entrepreneur partnered with us to develop a social media network for the mothers around the world to come together in a safe space and help each other in their daily needs.
A Video SEO service provider seeked our assistance to utilize digital solutions to improve their service.
A Video SEO service provider seeked our assistance to utilize digital solutions to improve their service.
A Dating App built by modern Indians for modern Indians.
We partnered with an Indian Social platform to create a dating app for Indians which brings the best of tradition and modern dating aspects of people's lives.
A social platform came up with an idea of a dating app that was bound to work.
We joined hands with a social platform to create a dating app which includes relationship coaches and therapists to help people find better matches and stronger connections in their love life.
A social media platform specifically designed for sports enthusiasts & fan clubs.
We partnered with a social platform to build a digital platform for Football fans to connect with other fans, support teams of their choice, plan social events and watch matches together.
An experimental social platform for indie musicians and bands to come together and collaborate.
With our assistance, a UK based corporation built a social media platform for musicians and bands from across the country to get together, network and collaborate to create amazing music.
Bringing people closer with the largest dating platform in Thailand.
Bringing people closer with the largest dating platform in Thailand.