Redefining Gaming Experiences With Immersion & Excitement.
We help giants in the gaming industry do just that with our innovative solutions targeted specifically towards the young gaming community.
The essence of gaming lies in the experience that it provides to players and the rewarding sense of investment in them. Our solutions are focused on providing unforgettable experiences to their user base and keep them coming back for more & they do it all, while keeping things as efficient as can be. As a niche industry, Gaming can take various shapes and forms. With products to online platforms which reward players with real money, it is evident that every solution needs to revolutionize the gaming experience using AI & Data Science and we build such solutions and give them the added benefit of mobility.
User Management:
A dedicated user management module for players to register themselves on the app or for returning players to sign-in and continue playing. Also includes profile management for players and admins.
Game Lobby
Includes features to add multiple players to a single room or a game lobby to join in and chat while they are being connected to the game.
Game Module
Incorporates the actual game that people will play, with game specific features and rulebooks and screens for post-game stats.
Admin Dashboard
A dashboard for admins of the app to manage players and activities, manage notifications, services, promotions and more.
Settings Flow
A game specific setting module that players can use to tweak their experience with the game.

Solutions Realized

Our work with our partners speaks for our experience and love for the industry. Check out how we have helped our clients achieve their dreams.
Re-established India's biggest online mobile gaming platform.
India's oldest and largest fantasy cricket gaming platform invigorated its services with our digital mobile solution and increased its play base exponentially.
A Digital Edition of one of the world's most favourite past-time games.
We helped create a digital version of Bingo, on of the most played community games of all time for people to connect and play from the comfort of their homes.
Simplifying a betting game to being as simple as swiping.
We helped a gaming company develop a mobile based betting game for sports with swipeable cards that players can interact with and place their bets.
Helped an upcoming gaming platform to establish itself as the next big thing in the online gaming industry.
An upcoming Solitaire gaming and betting platform established in Missouri benefitted from our solutions and geot the head start it needed to come up in the online gaming scene with its unique user base and gaming trend.