Apr 28, 2022

How To Choose The Right Technology Stack For App Development

An article about the choice of tech stacks and how they have an effect on app development
Siri Kaliparambil
Siri KaliparambilTechnical Content Writer

Digital products are being developed in a decreasing number of days or hours as compared to just a few decades ago. By understanding the app and web development process, we can have our piece of the pie and develop digital products within a limited time frame and that’s how we have been pushing apps into the market in a timely manner. One of the things we needed to understand in order to do this is the tech stack which is the technology we need to build an application and how we can leverage it to create efficient mobile and apps. 

The choice of tech stack includes everything from programming languages to frameworks and operating systems and developing a digital product calls for choosing the right programming tools and development frameworks. In the world of digital transformation, this is what remains the first step to take and this article is an exploration on how we choose the right tech stack at GeekyAnts while also bringing out partners on board with our decision. 

How do we Identify the common codebase for an efficient app development process

When it comes to building an app, it is very important to understand the tools used by developers. The fact that some apps share common elements is a good place to begin our analysis. We compile a list of notable products and the technologies that are being used, then we single out which are best to implement the common elements of the products which we are creating. Business owners do not need to create a new application from scratch when they already have a similar application in existence and what we essentially do is figure out what these common elements are and recreate them.

Our software developers can reuse this source code to build customers' applications in their own fast way while the QA engineers can spend practically no time testing source code that has been written thousands of times before and finding bugs that have already been found and fixed. Technical support can then focus on really new problems instead of troubleshooting scenarios that might seem familiar, making the entire process more efficient.

How choosing the right tech stack will fast deliver your app to the market

To turn our partner’s ideas into a great mobile application, we need to have a clear strategy which can be executed by our experienced team of developers. When the right people are working in the right environment, they can deliver the results that are expected of us. One of the most difficult and time-constrained decisions we undertake is choosing the right tech stack that can be leveraged to ship our product faster. A constant change in resources may arise as it is quite experimental to find the right balance between the team's capabilities and requirements.

In such cases, we ask ourselves if the tech stack will help us go to market faster? Some tech choices can cause us to run into a dead end and it is integral to avoid those. Imagine if developers had to spend weeks just to get their programming environment right, the app development project would be delayed quite a bit. But if we use the right tech, we'll be ready to go to market in mere days. Time is money and we believe we can strike the right balance between our team and requirements through the intuitive technology solutions we provide at GeekyAnts.

How we help clients while choosing the right tech stack

Our team is a diverse set of talented engineers that take great care in choosing the right tech stack to use for different projects. We usually build a small prototype called a Proof of Concept or POC before deciding on which experiments we want to try. The POC phase lets us narrow down our choices based on the scope of work. If a tech stack is not able to solve the problem within a defined timeline, we can consider using another technology with the information from the R&D we regularly conduct and encourage as a part of our organizational culture. 

An example would be when we wanted to use React Native instead of Ionic Framework for one of our apps and we showed the client how it can benefit them in the long term. They ended up agreeing with us! In this case, we discussed the POC generated from experiments and convinced the client by letting them know about the importance of choosing a tech stack that will cater to all their needs. This was done by comparing different frameworks and technologies and we were glad that the client was trusting enough about us and our team which eventually led the product to its success. 

How GeekyAnts chooses the right app development perspective to make a time efficient & budget friendly app

There are no hard and fast rules to build any product. Different products have different requirements. Also, we need to keep in mind that the product can be made with multiple technologies altogether. The technology stack is a crucial part of the overall design and by choosing the right technology stack, we will be able to push the boundaries of the platforms we are creating and increase its quality as we continue to work on it. 

A golden rule that we follow at GeekyAnts is to think from the perspective of the product instead of focusing purely on the budget. Keeping in consideration the nature of our partner’s business and their market needs, the choice of tech stack is an important aspect as it will save money and will give us greater control over the product’s development. Some technological stacks also offer a more seamless UX than others and we try to integrate those in our tech choices. 

To sum it up…

As a business, it is important to use the right technology stack that ensures scalability and flexibility. Choosing the right stack for your application is crucial for its success and being the trusted tech partner for many organisations, our goal has been to support them and their endeavors by making the tech choice which will boost the scalability of the products that we are collaboratively creating and ensure that it is a hit with the intended users. 

I hope this article has helped you to understand the importance of choosing the right tech stack and how it can cut down on developmental time and costs but also ensure the product is a success!

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