Apr 29, 2023

What Sets GeekyAnts Apart in the Tech Industry

This article explores the skillsets that set GeekyAnts design and development studio apart from your average app development company.
Aswathy Anil
Aswathy AnilChief Marketing Officer

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Right now, at this very moment, thousands of companies are developing applications- web or mobile- for individuals or businesses of varying scales. And many more are starting out on their app development journey. Apps help businesses to connect and engage better with customers, increase brand awareness, make business processes more efficient, and ensure better ROI. Some apps are created to start a business and hence act as the basis for starting and running a business. 

So how can you build an application for your business that ticks all the correct checkboxes — great performance, good UI/UX, and superb scalability? There is a specific skill set that your development team or application development partner must have.

In this article, we explain those skills from our perspective and experience of creating applications for industry leaders like Google, Darden, ICICI Bank, and Thyrocare. These insights into our processes and techniques, shared by our development team, set us apart and give our clients a competitive edge.

A Little Bit of Background

Who are we?


We are a team of web and mobile solutions experts based in Bangalore, San Francisco, and London. We aim to lead digital transformation by innovating and leveraging new, emerging technologies in web and mobile app development. This has been our vision right from when we started in 2006.

Our focus is on a community-driven evolution in technology. We empower people to build things with innovative products, OSS consulting, and digital solutions. We are tech partners to hundreds of firms globally.

What do we do?

At GeekyAnts, we build mobile and web applications from start to finish — including the nuances accompanying them. We have worked on over 700 projects with 500+ clients. GeekyAnts has contributed to over 50 open-source projects and developed various free, premium tech products and solutions. We attend and host tech events, meet-ups, and conferences on a global scale. And we have also collected quite a few awards and awesome client reviews and feedback along the way. We offer:

  • User research
  • Web/mobile front and back-end development
  • UI/UX design
  • Business Analysis
  • Logo/branding and design system services
  • Quality analysis
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance and support post deployment

What Sets Us Apart in the Tech Industry?

1. Technology

  • Early adopters of the latest, cutting-edge technologies. Technological expertise is one of the first things one looks out for when selecting an app development partner. At GeekyAnts, we always look for the newest technologies, adopting, experimenting, and implementing them as we explore. And this has always been the case.

    • Case Study: NativeBase for React Native

    Around 2015, we at GeekyAnts first started experimenting with and developing UI screens from the then-still-evolving documentation of React Native. NativeBase Startup+ was born as we attempted to share what we were learning as we were learning it. Trying to figure out how to develop beautiful, completely customizable user interfaces for mobile using React Native, we started our open-source project, NativeBase, the universal UI component library built on top of React Native. 

    As one of the first projects of its kind, NativeBase garnered immense popularity, making GeekyAnts an integral part of the React Native community. Since then, we have worked on hundreds of successful React Native app development projects, partnering with businesses worldwide.

    We were also one of the early adopters of Flutter, with our team making contributions to the official documentation of Flutter.


  • We are core contributors to the technologies we work with. A core contributor in your development team is essential if you want an app of the highest quality. Since core contributors to technologies such as Flutter or React Native are responsible for keeping the framework updated, adding new features, providing ongoing maintenance and fixing bugs, their involvement is incredibly important in your app development process. With six core contributors to React Native and two to Flutter, top-notch app quality is a guarantee when you partner with us.

infographic  (1) (1).jpg
Meet our React Native core contributors

2. Our open-source contributions

  • Empowerment begins at home. Core contributions empower developers to create new, innovative solutions by building on top of each other’s work. At GeekyAnts, we believe in finding solutions to our unique problems, while contributing and building for the tech community at the same time. How do we do this? We don’t just stop at finding our unique solutions to the problems we encounter- we make them available to the community.
  • Some of our 30+ open-source projects
    Case Study: Gluestack
    Functioning as a consultancy company for over a decade, we at GeekyAnts were looking at ways to reduce the complexities associated with building modern web and mobile apps. Gluestack was inspired by the lack of standardization of practices across app-building projects and the plethora of options when it comes to selecting tools, tech-stacks and frameworks. Still in an experimental phase, Gluestack is an open-source full-stack framework meant to solve engineering problems by suggesting the best tech-stack for a project, making the development process simpler. 

Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 1.31.49 PM.png

  • React Native Aria — React Hooks to build accessible React Native design systems. Brings the support of React Aria to React Native (web, Android, and iOS) for accessible, composable, consistent, and customizable designs.
  • SyncState — A state management library for React and JavaScript apps based on JSON patches. Designed to simplify and scale the state management process for smooth and elegant user experiences, SyncState has plugins for History, Multi-user, and more.
  • Formst — Model-driven Form library for React based on MobX-State-Tree to validate and structure forms in React.
  • React Pluggable — A plugin system for JavaScript and React apps. React Pluggable allows you to add plugins and extend a system without modifying existing files and features. Imperative APIs make extensibility easy for developers while using React. React Pluggable pushes you to a feature mindset instead of a component mindset.
  • Flutter Starter — A Flutter starter kit for production-level apps. Flutter Starter has everything you need to develop and deploy your apps. It has a well-defined folder structure, a Styleguide for your app, kits for API calls, routers and dependencies, and state management and testing and deployment support.
  • Sharedo — Makes sharing popups for Laravel apps easy. Sharedo provides an interface to manage roles and permissions for Laravel apps with the help of Laravel Bouncer.
  • Trusted by our partners. Our open-source products and our services are based on thorough user research and a desire to solve problems. This approach has helped us gain the trust of our partners worldwide. From finding innovative solutions to complex problems to encouraging knowledge-sharing within the dev community, our experiences have enabled us to collaborate successfully with businesses of different sizes and capabilities.

3. Research and innovation are at the heart of everything we do

  • We are among the handful R&D- focussed companies in India. For an app development company, research and development (R&D) aim to drive innovation, improve processes, and create new products and services that meet evolving market needs. With almost 30% of our workforce focused on research and development, GeekyAnts is one of the few Indian app development companies that understands the importance of R&D in driving innovative thinking.

  • Some more experiments to talk about. From NativeBase to Gluestack and everything created by us in between, researching and experimenting with the latest tools, technologies, and frameworks were key to creating each one of our successful products.

    1. Topgeek — An in-house hiring tool developed to help recruits and recruiters. Topgeek automates several steps in the hiring process, saving time and increasing efficiency while recruiting. It enables users to navigate interview processes across multiple platforms using behavioral Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques.
    2. GeekLego — GeekLego is a product that helps enterprises build design systems faster. Keeping in mind the lack of collaboration between teams and a lack of consistency when it comes to designs, GeekLego automates the process of building a design system for a project. It provides scalable and customizable design systems that ensure a faster development cycle and higher business revenue growth—tested and reviewed by happy clients.

    Other awesome R&D experiments include:

4. A little bit about our culture

  • At GeekyAnts, we foster an empathy-driven approach that values individual ownership and creates opportunities for personal growth. We provide our employees with room to expand and grow their skillsets, which translates into a better experience for their clients. How do we d this? Weekly talks, townhall meets, open forums, and showcase sessions on our latest experiments are a few ways. As a business owner, would you not want to work with a company that values personal growth and provides its employees with the resources and support they need to excel?
  • We are a social and community-centric group. We have open platforms such as GeekCast, YouTube live sessions, Twitter Spaces discussions, and internal events such as weekly challenges, GeekSpeaks and tech talks. We host React Native, Flutter, Angular, and Svelte meet-ups in Bengaluru. We have been attendees and speakers at international tech conferences, such as Frontend Love Amsterdam, Flutter London, Chain React Portland, and more.

Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 1.45.33 PM.png

We have hosted the largest meet-up group in the world for React Native.

⭐ We have collaborated with Google for several community events.

5. Some valuable partnerships

Using AI for Accelerating Growth

We have always been primed to adopt and experiment with new technologies. That spirit is a key cornerstone of our philosophy. Along that line, we are currently working on incorporating AI-powered solutions into our workflow. 

Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 1.47.59 PM.png

Our Geeks have already created ChatGPT-powered solutions in the form of an automated job listing feature for topgeek and a feature that allows automated grading of interviews using the technology. Many other projects are in the works. 

Doing Everything Your Average App Development Company is Supposed to Do - But Better

When you partner with GeekyAnts, you partner with a product studio that understands and takes care of your unique requirements— end-to-end. Right from app ideation and market research to post-deployment services, we take care of your business idea and bring it to life like no one else.

We don’t just understand and align with the goals set by our partners- we keep them actively involved in the app development process. We use various engagement models depending on the project requirements. Before starting any work, we make sure that the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), MSA (Master Service Agreement), and SoW (Scope of Work) are in place.

Our Business and Account Management teams ensure proper points of contact for invoicing, feedback communication and resolution, daily progress updates, and more.

Above all, transparency and clear goals, a great work culture, efficient processes, and a passion for developing groundbreaking products add value to our quality of work and help us meet our commitments every single time.

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