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It was great working with GeekyAnts. The project was in pretty bad shape when we hired them. They worked really hard to get it on track, we are in better shape now. I'm eager to work again on future projects together.
Randall Eike
Eike Consulting

As promised!

Although I am a professional programmer I wanted to develop an app but did not have the time to commit to it personally, so I decided to look around for a team to help me.

I knew I wanted the app in React Native so who better than the team that created NativeBase.

From the beginning to the end they were extremely professional and their development processes matched what I use in my daily work.

They understand the development process from UX, Sprints, Version Control as well as a good grasp of best practises for both IOS and Android.

All development cycles hit bumps in the road but when we did they were open to talk and agree a path forward that benefited both parties and that is a very important positive as far as I am concerned.

Would I recommend them? Certainly.

Would I use their team again? Definitely.

Andy Craven
Gift Center

The old Liviit was designed to be deliberately simple from a UX point of view. Going back 8+ years ago a responsive webapp with Bootstrap and Rails was the way to go but times changed so quickly and mobile first took over. The GeekyAnts team I think at the start of the Liviit 2.0 journey understood the general concept but as time has progressed they have learnt more intimately the complexity of what is actually required. This to me has always been the missing link with my previous dev team.

  • Understand the concept
  • Appreciate what is required
  • Streamline the design
  • Communicate the value-add options
  • Mutually agree on the solution (function by function, feature by feature)
  • Deliver a much better end result that maintains simplicity but with more functionality.

In the words of Seth Grodin 'knowing when to quit might be the best lesson you can learn'. I made the decision 18 months to quit the webapp forgoing lots of effort and of course money. I researched the mobile options, endless techstacks, online tutorials and also who could help me deliver the solution. Thanks to NativeBase and all of your TechTalks. I chose GA and at this point in time I could not be more pleased.

Matt Robertson

Thank you for your professional commitment throughout the project! Together we created an incredible custom product from scratch. It will help to optimize some core business processes. I especially was impressed how well the cooperation across time zones was working. I am looking forward to working with you again soon! Thanks and all the best from Mexico.

Mathias Willburger

Working with Geeky Ants was a pleasure. They built our mobile app quickly and knowledgeably.

Ian Neubert

"Working with Geeky Ants has been a pleasure. You were kind to accommodate the evolving needs of the project, and worked diligently to create an app that was not just intended to be engaging, but to serve as a tool for monitoring and treating a form of anxiety disorder in children. We look forward to pilot testing the app in a patient population!"

Arno Klein

We engaged the GeekyAnts to upgrade an existing AngularJS project of some considerable complexity. Never before have we been more satisfied. Every aspect of the work was processed with meticulous care and excellent communication. You can stop searching, we have.

Andy Lucas
123Web - Change Enablers Ltd.

We enjoyed working with the GeekyAnts team as well. Really appreciated their patience and professionalism throughout the process. Definitely wouldn't have been able to make our release date if it wasn't for their hard work and quick turnaround time. Hope to work together on another project soon!

Riyaz Sheikh
Denali Labs

I wanted to develop a prototype of my digital storytelling app, and get it ready for a subscription price model. We found Geeky Ants through a Google search for experts in the React Native development space. The team at GeekyAnts is highly responsive and collaborative. The quality of their work is superb. They work closely with us to make sure that the product adheres to our requirements. We have a wonderful understanding and flow of information between our teams. GeekyAnts always does a good job of communicating with us, and their estimates are always on point.

Priyanka Raha
Founder, PopSmartKids
We found GeekyAnts through a web search and performed some research and due diligence. They hit all the right notes in our discovery call and we decided to go with them from that assessment. We had a backend system designed for our mobile application, but what we were lacking was a robust client-facing frontend.

We brought our ideas to the team, without knowing whether any of it was actually possible. We did the work in two phases. The first phase was for the major project, which was followed by testing. Then we came back for a second phase to finish the app and work out the final iteration. We weren’t paying top dollar, but we were getting top-notch service.

Aeronautical Startup (Verified Clutch Review)
I'm the head of product development for PayPoint a UK & Romanian based FinTech company.

We provided some initial wireframes and asked GeekyAnts to provide UX and development options, which were turned around swiftly by their team in Bangalore.

The team working on the product was available pretty much at any time over Slack or Skype. The collaboration over Jira for work assignments was great. They committed to delivering a new product for me and did just that. Their code is clean and easy to implement. The app has great ratings and has been downloaded nearly 2,000 times across iOS and Android devices. Their commitment to producing quality work efficiently makes them the go-to partner for future enhancements and new projects.

Andy Lewis, Head of Product Management
PayPoint LLC
I’m a co-founder of a people analytics firm. We’re connected to the tech community and had heard very good things about GeekyAnts. They implemented the conversion of our existing web-based application into an iOS and Android app. We wanted to provide our users with a more seamless UX on mobile. They’re responsive to our ever-increasing user demands for new features.

The communication process is very streamlined and efficient. They’re very skilled at custom software development. The application development was successfully completed, with the project demonstrating their skills and technical ability. They’re responsive at all times, communicating effectively, and meeting increased project demands effectively. We’re really happy with the quality of their work and highly recommend them.

People Analytics Firm (Verified Clutch Review)