Customizable Twitter Spaces Clone

This is an audio conferencing and social application mimicking the functionality of Twitter Spaces. It is created using 100ms and Flutter SDK. The application contains all the features expected in a modern social media application. Using it, one can build various social apps similar to Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

Customizable Twitter Spaces Clone

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About the Customizable Twitter Spaces Clone

We, at GeekyAnts, are big on community. This made us huge fans of Twitter Spaces. With one click, it is simple to hop onto a huddle-like environment where the conversations are organic and fun. This aspect has made Spaces one of our go-to mediums for engaging with the community.

However, for our internal communities, we wanted to use a native platform that mimics Twitter Spaces but has the GeekyAnts flavor. So we decided to create one.

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Main Modules


A virtual space within which the audio-video interaction between peers occurs. The user flow is made to be intuitive and simple to understand.


An object returned by 100ms SDKs containing all information about a user (name, role, audio/video tracks, etc). This allows easy management of users and connections.


This is for creating a collection of permissions that allows users to perform a specific set of operations while being part of a room. It is similar to role-based perks.


This represents either the audio or video used in the Twitter spaces. Users can interact with any mode of media they choose to have their interactions.

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100% themeable
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2x faster development
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50% cost reduction
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Plug-and-play features

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