Oct 6, 2021

Building a successful product: A guide for Business Owners

An exploration on how to build the perfect app that is designed to be a sure-shot success
Siri Kaliparambil
Siri KaliparambilTechnical Content Writer

Applications have made life and executing daily tasks easier and far more, be it for end-users or business owners, and it can be rightfully said that they are the heart of modern human lives because of .which various industries are digitising their processes to streamline it according to contemporary needs. With the number of applications flooding the market, it's not enough to simply have an app idea but it is important to ensure that it is unique and user-friendly while also being practical enough to address the issue that it is built

Building an app may be the most profitable idea for a company but for it to be truly successful if done right and a financial whirlpool vortex if not. This makes it imperative to consider various factors and plan ahead in order to build a successful product. Let’s look through some essential steps using which an app idea can be refined to build a successful product:

Conceptualisation of the idea

To know exactly what you want to build, it is essential to also look at the various possibilities. Understand whom you’re trying to sell the product to and its potential audience before setting about creating a persona for your app. Conduct a thorough research of the user base and center your idea around users’ requirements. There are plenty of fish in the sea and if you want your product to get lucky, the bait is to ensure that you’re selling something that is absolutely unique which fills the gap in the market.

Create a feature list

Take cues from the phrase that imitation is the best form of flattery and research about similar applications that are making it big in the market. While it may not be wise to copy the entire product (unless a possible lawsuit is the intention!), it is important to remember that these apps have come out on top for a reason. Understand the features and functionalities that have helped them to succeed and consider integrating similar features to your app idea. Pen down any ideas you may have in a clear-cut fashion and conduct a market analysis to understand the viability of implementing various features.

Budget planning is an important part of any venture and defining a strategic financial plan for visualising an app idea gives you the arsenal to planning and governing the development process. Financial planning also helps you to offset any rainy days that may arise in case there are any unforeseen mishaps. To find the smartest way to economise, go through this article which is a guide on how to analyse finances and budget accordingly.

Now that you have a feature list, a strategic financial plan in place and a basic idea of how you want your app to look like, the next step is to find the right people who can handle the job with you. Create a rough sketch of the wireframe for your app while understanding the best practices to be used to develop the product before contacting developers. Communicate effectively with developers and explain your requirements to them, but before doing so ensure that you have taken the necessary measures to prevent any breach of information.

Development and testing

Now that you have finalised on the appropriate team to help you visualise your app idea, the next step is to plan and execute the development and testing process based on a pre-agreed engagement model which best suits your project. Collaborate with the team on-call on a regular basis throughout the entire process which will include the creation of UI/UX wireframes, feature implementation as well as the QA process as this will give both parties an idea if the product can be tweaked to make it better.

Planning the deployment and launch

Even if you have the most beautifully designed application, it is not going to be a success unless it gets the traction that it deserves. The answer to a truly successful product is a well-planned marketing strategy which will eventually lead to a successful deployment and launch. Furthermore, it is also important to pick out a pricing strategy to monetise your application and it helps when this is tactically planned before the launch as this is when the app will receive the most attention. While launching a paid app might not exactly be the best idea considering there’ll always be a free alternative available; instead, you can check out other effective strategies like the subscription-based model, freemium, etc.


While these are basic pointers which will help you to launch a successful application in the market, it does not end there. Your brainchild may be unique and up-to-date with the latest trends at the time of its launch. But technology sees evolving trends on a daily basis because of which you will also have to work on continually enhancing and updating your application in further phases. 

Visualising your app idea into a successful product may seem to be an overwhelming prospect, especially if you’re not tech savvy, planning, strategizing and following the tips given above can help you to create an app that revolutionizes lives. Hope you’ve had a good read!

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