Jul 2, 2021

How To Hire Good Programmers If You’re Not Tech Savvy?

A guide on hiring the right developers for your venture, especially when you're not from a technical background.
Siri Kaliparambil
Siri KaliparambilTechnical Content Writer

The tech world is dynamic and constantly evolving and the change is exponential with even the most experienced developers having to conduct research and continually practise to keep up with the latest trends. With the overflow of the latest technological advancements, knowing what to ask when hiring a good programmer is quite a daunting task even for those who have technical expertise; let alone for those who are not tech savvy. It is impractical for every company to have a development team within the organisation, especially if they are not part of the tech vertical but the involvement of technology in today’s commercial environment is such that it is impossible to remove this involvement of level of automation without leaving a tear in the business processes.

More and more verticals are developing applications to market their products, services and boost their sales, while some are just adopting it to streamline their internal working processes. Whatever the case is, the importance of an application in a business is undeniable to not just stay relevant but to ensure the efficiency of a business. While lack of knowledge does pose vulnerabilities to those entrepreneurs who are not tech savvy, it is still possible to get around this fallback if you go about it the right way. Let’s see what those those with nominal knowledge about technology can do to hire the best programmers for their business:

1. Consult prior clients

The best possible way to know more about a company is through feedback and client-referrals are a great way to learn more about the kind of products that they have developed in the past as well as the experience of collaboration that a company provided to their partners. Check online as well as with friends from the industry who’ve collaborated with developers in the past as word of mouth is one of the best ways to receive credible information. Another critical aspect to look into is the relationship that the referrer shares with the company along with conducting a thorough check into the profile of the company and examining the results of their previous projects.

2. Refer to online directories

Look into various reviews on multiple online directories to know more about the work that the company has done in the past as this will help you give you a clearer understanding of their background and technical expertise. These directories are a major help to those looking for developers as they contain listings of various companies along with other business-related information and a link to reach their site. Another reason why directories have proven to be advantageous, especially for those who are inexperienced with technology, is because they provide the latest and up-to-date information about an organisation as well as allowing one to conduct niche research based on various factors such as location, industry, etc, thus making it extremely simplified to find the right developers to help in bringing the vision of the application to life.

3. Learn about the tech stack

When developing any application, developers work extensively on multiple tech stacks based on various frameworks. Make a list of all the features that you would like the application to have and read up online about the technologies that would be required to make the plan viable before setting out to hire developers. The impact that hiring a developer who is experienced at using the desired tech stack will have as opposed to hiring a mediocre developer who can code across multiple platforms. There are many programming languages exclusively used by each platform so it is critical to ensure that the developers that you are choosing are well-versed in the language to guarantee a successful application.

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4. Examine the developer’s experiences

It does not suffice to merely conduct research on the company; talking to the developers about their work is extremely helpful as this will give you a fair idea about their competence. Most developers have projects and contributions of their own to the development community which are independent of the work that they have done for the company. Talk to the developers and enquire extensively about their pet projects and research about it on repositories such as GitHub. Once you’ve picked out the right developers to take the project forward, make sure that you are clear and precise when you’re explaining your requirements to the developers and consult with them about their viability while ensuring that you’re not missing out on any integral information.

5. Check the company’s background

Understand your app idea and the various features that it would encompass before searching for an organisation that has worked with similar projects. Singling out a company that has worked with similar requirements and developed a successful project is a tremendous game changer as this will give you a fair idea about what to expect in terms of the result. Alternatively, you can investigate the company’s standing in the tech domain by exploring their open source contributions, tech talks and conferences along with other significant assignments that they might have worked with.


While it is very crucial to understand the technical expertise that your partner will bring to the table, it is equally important to ensure that you’re picking a team that is not only passionate about their project but also understands your vision while having the ability to adhere to deadlines. Hiring the apt developers to collaborate with, is an overwhelming task for those who are not tech savvy. However, thorough research can help you make the right development choice for your application and render your venture to be successful.

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