Mar 20, 2020

What Is Digital Transformation? The Ouroboros Of The Future.

What Digital Transformation Is & What Is GeekyAnts Role In It.
Digvijay Wanchoo
Digvijay WanchooMarketing & Communication Manager

As the wheel of innovation keeps on turning, the world keeps transcending into new eras of advancements. From the industrialization in the west, to the era of plastics and then computers, each period in time enabled humans to walk forward into the future, sometimes even jumping a couple of steps along the way.

They have affected, not only the everyday lives of people but also how businesses are perceived and how they function. They drive leadership and functional changes within verticals and organizations have made it a bonafide process to adapt to these changes as and when they come. With all that said, we are in an era of yet another transformation and change, being led by Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. It’s called the Digital Era and rightfully so, businesses are undergoing a Digital Transformation.

In its essence, digital transformation is a fundamental change in the way companies deliver services and value to their customers by shifting to a ‘digital’ platform. I’m aware of the fact that this statement might raise some eyebrows, but that is how the cogs have shifted and people are eager to move to digital services and platforms (mainly automation) to simplify processes and smoothen the entire functioning of their businesses… and why not? Early adoption of digitization has shown promising results and revolutionized the way services engage with their end-users.

We, at GeekyAnts, are at the forefront of driving digital transformation with our digital solutions. We have helped numerous industries make the shift seamlessly with our innovative & productive solutions, which are not bound by industry barriers.

We have played an important part in transforming organizations in Healthcare, where we designed a web app and innovated solutions to help healthcare companies provide better services to patients using ReactJS.

We’ve also played the field in Transportation by digitizing vehicle maintenance & management by creating an app that tracks functional vehicles and their parts in realtime and suggests relevant actions, which helped improve safety through timely predictions & Social Platforms like Liviit & Dating app to build upon their existing success and make their process executions smoother and precise and also exposed them to the broad horizons of platforms on the internet that were unexplored. 

All this experience and ventures give us a deep insight into the mechanics of this change and what drives it. 

Artificial Intelligence Is The Future.

Yes, I know. iRobot warned us that AI will become self aware and try to kill Will Smith (which is unacceptable), but that hasn’t stopped advancements in AI that have proven effective and helpful. In the past, AI has unveiled possibilities that were unimaginable and even saved lives, which drives the fact home that AI is the future. As far as businesses are concerned, AI can study patterns and predict future behaviour which can help them deliver more customer oriented services, fast.

Binary Services Are Not Enough.

Providing services was an easy term to understand. Consumer puts forward a requirement and the provider fulfills it. Simple, but with time, the requirements of consumers (or clients, in some cases) have evolved and just don't fit that old bill anymore. In today’s times, customers are not just looking for black-or-white services. They are looking for connections. A human touch that enchants them and leads them to a provider that truly understands them. A connected client is a returning client because of the trust that emerges. Digital platforms can take care of the binary and manpower can be redirected to advise and provide consultancy, thereby budding the seed of trust and eventually retention numbers.

Security Comes First.

Of course, if you build a house of glass, you need a safety net to prevent it from breaking. With such a surge in the digital movement, it is essential to address the question of security and how adept is it to protect the privacy that might be at risk through the entire process. Digital security is a hot pie that everyone wants a piece of and clearly, there isn't enough. In light of the recent data hacks and security breaches at Facebook & Apple, it is a warranted concern which every vertical is vocal about. With the drive to transform businesses, it's also important to transform security measures that protect these businesses. Just read the terms and conditions for once.


Sure, this era of making life digital has just begun and we are yet to reap its fruit but it is also vital to direct our peripheral vision towards the future. The entire process of revolutionizing lives, only to do it again in the future is the ouroboros that we are stuck in, that is why we try to innovate with sustainability in mind, so that everything that you rely on is future-proof and suited just for you. If that is the principle that this transformation is based on, we might finally have flying cars by 2025.

Until then…


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