Yuvraj Angad Singh

Software Engineer
An enthusiastic creative software engineer who has managed all aspects of the development process for small to medium-sized businesses. Hundreds of hours of computing and coding efficiency. I have a creative mindset and a strong determination to do my best in the workload. Seeking leverage to offer growth and increased responsibility by leveraging my extensive experience.
Full Stack Developer
Backend Development
The Most Amazing...
....I had created a prototype of the Automatic Fruit and Vegetable Peeler in College. It used an Arduino for peeling fruits and vegetables. Arduino controlled the motors that were responsible for peeling and the rotation of the fruits and vegetables on the peeler.
Interest & Expertise
  • Tech talks.
  • Personality Development.
  • Exploring New Things in Technology.
  • Won several games and trivia at College & Company level.
  • Poem Recitation Runner-Up at the Indian Public Schools Conference.
  • Won a trip sponsored by the current company after entering a competition with quality articles.
Backend Framework & Library
Version Control
Query Language
Frontend Framework & Library
Java Frameworks
The goal of the project was to automate the hiring process so that less human effort could be consumed.
Worked as a Full Stack Developer and was responsible for handling Backend and corporate portal both Frontend and Backend. Also was involved in helping new joiners in the project to understand all the Backend Configuration and helping them set up the same. Implemented Queue system using Docker and Redis that were hosting jobs, that were automated using cron.
Technologies used: Nextjs, Moleculerjs, GraphQL and Sequelize.
Courier Portal
A portal that keeps all the records of the incoming and outgoing couriers for the company. It had third-party APIs integrated as well through which we only need to add the tracking number and it was fetching data from their server and adding the record in our portal. So it was very easy to understand and keep the track of the couriers that were being sent and received by the company.
Technologies used - Laravel, MySQL.
Role - Fullstack Developer.
GeekyAnts Website
Have added multiple modules for the website that are currently live and are being displayed on the website. The modules needed a complete integration, they had to be integrated into the admin portal first then after complete detailing out that were being displayed in the Frontend, so any changes that were being made on the Admin portal in the modules were reflected live on the website directly.
Technologies used - Laravel, MySQL.
Role - Fullstack Developer.
Ecommerce Web App
This app was created using Nodejs and Javascript. It was a completely working e-commerce website with features like Add to cart, wishlist, checkout page, and payment.
Technologies used - Nodejs, Javascript.
Role - Fullstack Developer.
Travel POC
This app consisted of multiple modules and I had developed a payment module that was responsible for creating a payment intent and handling payment and its data. It had a track of payments that were successful and failed using Stripe Payment API.
Technologies used - Springboot, Java.
Role - Backend Developer.