Vivek Sunil Lokhande

Software Engineer
An enthusiastic software engineer with experience in various web-based user interactions with expertise in frontend with keen interest also in backend. Currently trying to get my head around building better products at the scale.
The Most Amazing...
....thing I have done is started looking into open-source development and contributions. This has really widened my horizons in terms of development and products in general.
Interest & Expertise
  • Product Engineering
  • UI-Development
  • Clean Code and Design Patterns
  • Monolith and Microservices
  • Qualified for Robocon 2020 in January, which is a national event held by ABU (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union).
  • Actively contributing to a Open Source Community named realdevsquad to improve my learnings.
Frontend Framework & Library
Backend Framework & Library
State Management
Redux,Redux (with Saga and Thunk),Zustand
Cloud Services
Webpack expert
Query Language
Project Management
An E-commerce App for Puppies
The product was a D2C single-brand e-commerce website of an Australia-based client. It was mainly based on the idea of having a better quality of life and longevity for the puppies. The product assessed their health conditions and then helped prescribe better meals for them according to their health. The meals were to be delivered to the dog owners.
Tech Stack: NuxtJs(server-side rendering), Nuxt Global Store, bitbucket, JIRA, Bootstrap, sass, Postman for API testing, AWS , Figma.
An Insurance Website for Asian Countries
The product was a D2C single-brand insurance website for Indonesia. There were 2 websites to work on, consisting of a registration form and a static website, both were hosted individually because of the bandwidth issues in the country. Users were provided insurance based on their preferences, the insurance service had various tiers according to personal needs.
There was a stripe payment gateway that users then used to pay their insurance amounts. Worked on improving loading time FCP, LCP, SSR, code-splitting, and code-bundling.
Tech Stack: NextJs, Webpack, Chakra-UI, MySQL, GCP.
A website which provides Co-Working Spaces
The product revolves around providing co-working spaces to large corporations as well as small teams. There were three parts to the product, first was when the user could rent a space for his team eg. startup corporations. The second was the user could rent a virtual space at any available space around the world for their remote team. Third, the user could rent a space for a specific time for themselves.
Tech Stack: NextJs, styled-components, Material-UI, sentry, Axios, redux,graphQL, sanity CMS, sentry, auth0, express, firebase DB, GCP.
Food App
This product is a D2C product that allows the user to decide what they want to eat based on the ingredients they have at hand. Users can get various recipe suggestions as well as plan meals based on the suggestions for specific time periods as well.
Tech Stack: NextJs, react-bootstrap, bootstrap, redux, axios, sql , nodejs, google events integration
Calendar App
This product is currently in progress. This will be an open-source product for now.
This product is a calendar app for current users of products like calendly or cal[.]com, eventbrite, facebook events, meetup. This product will focus mainly to serve users, where users will be able to create their own events as well as attend physical events based on their location. The product will highly revolve around its notification service.
Tech Stack: Remix, tailwind, axios, zustand, microservices, nodejs with typescript, golang for notification service, react-native for mobile, and google events integration.
The users can search for and buy groceries according to their needs based on the availability of the groceries. They can sort and filter products as well. Highly responsive and without component libraries. Worked on the whole UI for the website. Wrote code for some components like carousels, sliders, and toast notifications instead of using libraries to improve learning for making complex UI. Created backend API’s for some features. Manually wrote API's for auth.
Tech stack: typescript, reactjs,react-redux, redux, bootstrap5, sass, MongoDB, nodejs with typescript, GCP.