Vivek Biswas

Software Engineer
Full Stack Developer and an MCA graduate with an experience of 1yrs and 5 months and an internship period of 10 months for a US based E-Commerce client. I also have experience as a Manual Tester for 1yrs and 9 months for a US based banking project.
Full Stack Developer (ReactJs and Spring Boot)
RabbitMQ and Kafka
The Most Amazing...
....I have learnt many things as both a tester and a developer. This allowed me to understand, identify issues and carry out unit tests to minimize the chances of bugs. Helped with developing a PHP based website using WordPress for training students with aptitude and a support application using Java to prepare aptitude questions for bulk uploading during UG studies.
Interest & Expertise
  • Frontend development using ReactJs
  • Backend development using Spring Boot
Frontend Framework & Library
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
Backend Framework & Library
Spring Boot based microservices
E-Commerce Website for a US based client
Worked as full stack developer with a US based client in developing an E-Commerce website which uses ReactJs for frontend and Spring boot for backend. The project uses Kibana/Instana for tracing logs for debugging purposes and to keep track of the website’s performance metrics. The project followed the microservices architecture to modularise each service. The services were loosely coupled using RabbitMQ (for interacting with our own services) and Kafka (for interacting with the client side services) to communicate with each other. In the frontend, the website uses Server-Side Rendering to load content on the pages quickly. Additionally to enhance the performance, lazy loading was implemented for React components as well as images. The deployment is done through Jenkins and the code quality is maintained with the help of SonarQube.
Banking project for a US based client
Worked as a Manual Tester for a US based banking domain client. Used Microsoft Excel to manage and execute test cases. Tracked bugs using HP ALM and reviewed backend data using IBM Cognos tool.