Viral Hashmukhbhai Sangani

Viral Hashmukhbhai Sangani

Software Engineer
Always looking for the opportunity to innovate and learn. Currently gaining experience in Mobile development and Web3.

The most amazing...

.... Worked on a Startup consultancy project in my college as a team lead with a team size of 7 people. My responsibilities were creating the backend, managing databases, creating API for mobile applications, and handling cloud infrastructure.

Interest & Expertise

  • Creating Secure and reliable applications
  • Working on web3 and making internet a decentralized and safe place
  • Building cross platform applications
  • Creating nice animations and beautiful UI


  • RedHat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) with a score of 300/300.



MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

Backend Framework & Library



JavaScript, Java, Python, TypeScript, Dart

Version Control

Git, GitLab, GitHub

Project Management


Mobile Framework & Library



VS Code

Frontend Framework & Library

Next.js, Tailwind, React





Cloud Services

Azure, aws



Blockchain Technology



Iot based soccer game

This system is designed for children to practice soccer with the enjoyment of playing a game. It’s a 360 degree pod environment where LED strips instruct the player on where to hit the ball and score points. Created two Flutter desktop apps that run on a Linux environment. One app allows players to login via RFID bands, see the leaderboard and start playing the game. Another app shows the live score of the player. To implement the backend login, we created an app in python to detect the point, show the particular LED outputs and send the score to flutter applications listing for the scores on Redis Pub/Sub channel. Created an admin dashboard in NextJS to handle all the data and manage game settings. Technologies used - Flutter, Python, Firebase, RFID, Wordpress, NextJS, Javascript.

Secure Storage Application with Hybrid Encryption

Created an online file storage service which uses hybrid encryption of AES, RSA and BlowFish. Backend was built with Python and Django. Encrypted blobs we store in AWS and hosted serverlessly on AWS Lambda functions.

Blockchain based water harvesting system

Created a decentralized water harvesting IOT system, where all the harvested water can be curated inside a single container within a society in return for a crypto token and can be sold to other places with water scarcity. Techstack for this project includes - Python for blockchain, Django for APIs, React for frontend, RaspberryPi and Sensors for tracking and managing water.

Youtube Clone

Created a Youtube clone website where users can sign up, create their own channel, upload their video content and people can watch it, like it and can comment on the videos. Techstack includes React, MaterialUI, Django APIs and PostGreSQL.

Mfund-Market App

Created a fullstack flutter application used for mutual fund investments. The techstack includes Flutter, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Firebase Authentication.

Dating App

Video based dating application, designed to connect people via video messages. Implemented Caching, Infinite scroll feature and overall optimized app performance.

Decentralized Note-taking app in flutter

Created a Note-taking dApp in flutter which runs on Polygon blockchain. Users can write notes and make a transaction to store their data onto the Polygon network, which can be accessed anytime they want. Technologies used are Polygon Blockchain, Solidity to write smart contracts and Flutter framework.

Decentragram - A Social Media dApp.

A Web3 based social media platform where all the data and images are stored on a blockchain, and where people can send a tip to their favourite content creator. The dApp was hosted on the Polygon network and the images on the app are stored in a decentralized InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). Techstack includes - Solidity, NextJs, IPFS and TailwindCSS.

3D Card animation

Created a 3D cards animation in Flutter without any 3rth party packages.