Vinay Sharma

Vinay Sharma

Software Engineer
Experimenting and breaking mobiles & computers since kindergarten, he has followed his passion for these machines for a long way since then. Today, he loves developing web & mobile apps and reads tech articles on Medium & QnA on Quora. He is always keen on sharing his knowledge & you can find him presenting Tech Talks & writing articles!

The most amazing...

... thing I’ve built is a Step Sequencer. It is a React JS based implementation of hardware used back in the days for producing beats in music production. A user can create beats by the sound sample baked in as well as can upload his own well. This application has a metronome as well to help keep beat in sync.

Interest & Expertise

  • Modular code
  • Functional programming
  • Linting setup
  • Presenting tech talks
  • Mentoring juniors
  • Culinary arts
  • Music production
  • Photoshop manipulation
  • Gym training & swimming



MySQL, MongoDB, IndexedDB

Frontend Framework & Library

React.js, Bootstrap 4, MomentJs

Mobile Framework & Library

React Native


HTML / CSS, JavaScript, Java, C, C++, TypeScript

Backend Framework & Library

Express.js, Mongoose

Version Control

Git, GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket

Project Management

JIRA, Trello



State Management

Redux, MobX, Mobx-state-tree, React + MobX, Redux Saga

User Interface Design

Zeplin, Ant Design

Cloud Services



Eslint, Google Analytics, Prettier, Lodash, React-Intl, Axios

Testing Frameworks & Library



Webpack expert


A tribute to Artists

It is a mobile app developed in React Native which showcases the life events and artworks of an American artist linked to various movements, including Conceptual art and Minimalism. The application leverages technologies such as artificial intelligence and 360° panorama photography to help the users understand the artist in a much better way. Designed with complex animations, it makes the app much more intuitive to use and gives an immersive experience.

Ancient Monuments

It is a web app developed in React JS which embodies The Ancient Site of Olympia, built nearly 3,000 years ago. The app contributes to the ongoing research and preservation efforts for the site. The app invites audiences from around the world to explore the Ancient Site of Olympia as well as personally contribute their thoughts about the values this site exemplifies. Users can choose between to contribute either via an audio recording or text.
With help of technologies such as text & audio analysis and sentiment analysis, we have automated the process of manual work required for content moderation for hate speech, symbols, profanity, e.t.c.
The application heavily uses ThreeJS to render an interactive 3D scene of the ancient site, to help users visualize and see the actual representation of the site. Users can explore various monuments, buildings, e.t.c and can read historical importance for each of them.

B2B Eyewear Ordering System

It is a Web Ordering Application developed in React JS with Mobx state management for a user to place orders for lenses and frames. The user can place both bulk and single orders. He/She can also track the status of their order. The application also interacts with a tracer machine to get the trace/outline of a lens while placing an order. Users can also use a designing tool to specify the shape/size of the lens, drill a hole in the lens, etc.


It is a fitness application developed in React JS with Mobx State Tree state management integrated with Firebase which constitutes a dashboard for a Fitness Coach. The coach is assigned his/her clients, for whom he can create workout as well as diet plans on a daily basis including some rest days as well. He/She can track his/her client’s progress via a beautiful UI showing progress bars and can re-assign/extend existing plans or assign a new one. The client can access his plans via a mobile application and update his progress by the same.

React Native Animations

It is an open-source React Native project which is based on animation experiments. It focuses on a typical animation type known as Shared Element Transition which makes the user feel as if an element is being shared across two screens. This project was developed for tech talk in an international React Native organised at GeekyAnts in June 2020.

React Snippets

It is an open source React JS boilerplate with Redux state management integrated with Firebase that is developed as a guide/tutorial for a beginner in React JS.
The application contains various snippets developed in React JS, which a user can use in his/her project and can modify the same as per his project requirement. The boilerplate is an ease for the beginner by having a guide for all components and API integration at a single place as opposed to reading documentation and articles.

Step Sequencer

It is an open-source frontend application developed in React JS with Mobx state management that can be used to produce beats with the help of an integrated metronome.
Some default audio samples have been provided for users to get started. Users can upload their own audio sample, can bind keyboard keys with samples to play and record beats just like any midi controller. This application was developed for a tech talk organised at GeekyAnts in August 2019.

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