Vikrant Singh

Software Engineer
Mobile Application developer with experience in React.js, React Native, Flutter and Android Development (Java). Passionate about software development and making and breaking new stuff.
Full Stack Developer
Flutter provider
Flutter Scoped Model
Cloud FireStore
The Most Amazing...
.... Created a website with Three.js, which lets users navigate around an open 3D environment with statues, buildings and interiors.
Interest & Expertise
  • Agile software development
  • Clean code
  • State Management
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Created a mobile wallpaper app which has reached more than 40,000 downloads in the Play Store.
  • Won second prize in Flutter animation Challenge in GeekyAnts.
Backend Framework & Library
HTML / CSS,JavaScript,Java,C++,TypeScript,Dart
Version Control
Project Management
Mobile Framework & Library
Sublime Text,VS Code
State Management
Frontend Framework & Library
Cloud Services
Query Language
Flight Aviation App (Mobile and Web)
React js, Flutter. A cross-platform mobile app developed using Flutter and Website developed using React to be used by the employees of an Aviation company. It has different types of UI & features for different profiles of Employees in the company such as Pilot, Engineer, Admin, Pilot-Engineer, etc. Some interesting things in this are In-app messaging, view PDF, collecting user signatures, image filtering and cropping etc. Employees can report all their daily work details in this app and it can be later approved by the supervisors or Admins . It is designed to enter all the profile-specific details in a very easy and descriptive manner. Several automation features are added to make it user friendly.
Tech stack: React Native, Mobx state tree, firebase, NativeBase. React Native app that allows the user to track the daily workout and diet as assigned by his/her coach. Coach creates a plan for their client via a web app. Clients can log their workout and diet plan on a daily basis and coaches can review their client’s progress.
Text Recognition App
React Native, Mobx state tree, firebase, NativeBase. This app allows you to Scan images and parse text, urls or numbers... Share,Edit or replace the text Copy the Text to clipboard for setting your status in Instagram, WhatsApp or another social app instead of writing too much. Save all of your text as files or memos Create your account and save your files on cloud, Edit name of your files or delete your files.
Story Writing App
Tech stack: React Native, Firebase, In-App Purchases, cloud functions. A story writing app for both teachers(group leaders) and kids in React Native where kids use their imagination to write and draw and then are rewarded by their group leaders.
Delivery app
Tech stack: Flutter, GraphQL, Node.js, Express, SQLite, Mongo. A cross platform mobile application for delivery executives to keep track and manage their jobs for delivering products related to opticals.
HangingList animation Flutter app
A Flutter library to create a HangingList with animation on scrolling. You can also create HangingItems which you can rotate like a hanger and play with their flip property. Have also released a flutter package for that.
Museum Tour website
A Museum tour website, where users can take a tour of a 3D recreation of a historic location and can look around the 3D models like statues and monuments. The user can also submit text and audio contributions that pass through an automated moderation service and are displayed on a map page with other users’ contributions.
Greet Sending app
A greet sending mobile application where multiple users can participate in and can gift money. The greet can consists of a video taken by the user, various stickers, emojis, filters or background music and a custom text message. The greet can also be scheduled to be sent at a later time along with an email / text notification.