Vikram Kumar

Vikram Kumar

Software Engineer
A full-stack developer who loves to work both on Web and Mobile applications. Passionate to explore new technologies.



MySQL, PostgreSQL

Backend Framework & Library

Node.js, Express.js

Frontend Framework & Library

React.js, Wordpress


HTML / CSS, JavaScript, Python

Version Control


Mobile Framework & Library



Sublime Text, VS Code

Cloud Services







XCode, Android Studio, Postman


Soccer Game Application

A secured web application made with WordPress and customised with HTML, CSS and Jquery that facilitates registration and login of users, generating QR display cards for players, display of scores based on various filters. Also developed a Secured mobile application made with flutter, which offers various functionalities like connecting and disconnecting the app to the gaming console, manual and QR code-based login for players, display of live scores and leaderboards.

Cafeteria Recharge System

A food ordering site for college students having online Payment facility as well as wallet system with unique QR Code which navigates you to dynamically generated invoice upon scanning it. The technologies used are HTML5,CSS,Bootstrap,Javascript,Flask Framework,SQL Alchemy,Razorpay Payment Gateway

An app for marketing data

A sales and marketing bot app, made for sales representatives to manage their accounts, meetings and events. Technologies used are Flutter, Rest APIs.

PDF Service

A Flask based automated service which served the purpose of generating multiple PDF documents on demand for a requested client account. Technologies used are Flask, Python3, ReportLab.

Fitness App

A Flutter based fitness app, designed to track fitness level and activities, discover various training methods and set up personal fitness goals.

Event API Service

A Django based Event API Service using REST Framework developed to get details of events happening based on geographical area.