Software Engineer
Equipped with the right blend of technical and behavioral competencies, a strong value-creating mindset, and a technology enthusiast.

The most amazing...

.... Created full-stack web app for audacity Nano degree and contributed to startup ​RIDEZ NOW APP​.

Interest & Expertise

  • Learning new technologies
  • Web App Development
  • Backend Development



MySQL, MongoDB

Backend Framework & Library



HTML / CSS, JavaScript, Java, C++

Version Control

Git, GitLab, GitHub

Project Management



VS Code



Query Language


Frontend Framework & Library



Shopping Website

A project created in node.js, react.js, and MongoDB. The App was simple like amazon. A person can choose a category and the app shows all the product lists under that particular section. A person can add items to the cart, delete items from the cart, and also can buy items as there was a PayPal payment gateway integrated.

An App For Hiring Developers

Created a web app for the recruitment process. The app was built in NextJs, MolecularJs, and Raphel. Candidates can enroll themselves for interviews and recruiters can recruit them.

Ridez Now

A web-based self-driven bike rental application. Developed in node.js, MongoDB, and HTML, CSS, and JS. The App was hosted on Amazon AWS Lightsail Instance. A person can book his ride. And it contains a timer. (From Start Ride to End Ride) The person who provides the bike. Can trigger the start ride time and end ride time. After the completion of the ride, the customer has to pay the price per hour he used the bike.

Monument Catalogue

A full-stack web application developed during audacity nano degree. The app was built in node.js, HTML, and CSS. The database used was PostgreSQL.