Tanmay Soni

Senior Software Engineer - I
Always curious and determined to know how things work, thrive in a fast-paced environment, and always looking for opportunities to innovate and learn, no matter the domain.
Full Stack Mobile App Development
Full Stack Web Development
API Development
Hive (Local DB)
Object Box (Local DB)
The Most Amazing...
....I built a complex login and sign-up flow with connected multiple logins. Users could log in with various methods without losing the user’s profile data.
Interest & Expertise
  • Exploring and Learning new technologies
  • Creating/understanding the application architecture
  • Data-Structures
  • Building cross-platform mobile apps
  • Mathematical puzzles
  • Secured 1st position in the event “Game of Doubles” at Rangrezz - National Theater Fest, held in October 2018 in Chitkara University.
  • Participated in the workshop by AerotriX and made a quadcopter using Arduino.
  • Secured rank 436 in the 2nd International Mathematics Olympiad held in February 2009.
  • Won First Prize in a 200-meter flat race in November 2013.
  • Won Second prize in a 100-meter flat race in November 2013.
MySQL,MongoDB,HTML5 Web Storage
Backend Framework & Library
HTML / CSS,JavaScript,Java,C,C++,Dart
Version Control
Project Management
Mobile Framework & Library
VS Code,IntelliJ
Frontend Framework & Library
State Management
MobX,Scoped Mode,Provider,Flutter_bloc
Cloud Services
XCode,Android Studio,Postman
Marketing Mobile App
A sales and marketing bot app, made for sales representatives to manage their accounts, meetings, and events. Technologies: Flutter, Rest-API, Scope Model State Management.
Subscription-Based Delivery App For Link
Revolutionising on-demand services with a combination of subscription-based models and cutting-edge technology. Technologies: Flutter, Firebase, MobX State Management.
AI-Based Assistant Super App
A Super App is many apps within an umbrella app. Users can check email, calendar events, weather, book movie tickets, hotels, flight tickets, listen to music, order groceries, get the latest news, etc. with voice command functionalities like Google Assistant. Technologies: Flutter, Rest API, Bloc State Management, Hive, Firebase Analytics, Crashlytics, Dart FFI Library, Method Channel, Golang.
Fitness App
Fitness App Theme using Flutter. This app was a fully customisable UI template for iOS, Android, and Web. It offers all basic screens to track fitness levels and activities, discover various training methods, and set up personal fitness goals. Technologies: Flutter, Scope Model State Management.
Therapy Management Meditation Application
The application is designed as a meditation helper where audio plays to relax the mind of the customer. This works on a Plan subscription and allows the user to play the audio based on the therapy they select. The entire application was structured using Bloc State Management. Technologies: Flutter, Firebase, Hive, Bloc(DDD architecture) State Management.
Flutter Taxi App
A customizable online taxi service application that includes all the UI components and server functions needed to start a taxi service. It uses firebase for the database, node JS for server-side development, and Flutter for UI development. It can be bought and customized according to the buyer's needs on the flutter market. Technologies: Flutter, Google Maps, Firebase, MobX State Management.
Banking Application
A Flutter-based banking application to drive all online banking tasks along with the features of modern P2P banking like QR code-based payments, direct payments, recursive payments, etc. Alongside biometrics, OTP code, and other various security measures. Technologies: Flutter, Rest API, Provider(MVVM architecture) State Management.