Tanmay Soni

Tanmay Soni

Software Engineer
Always curious and determined to know about how things work, thrive in a fast-paced environment, and always looking for opportunities to innovate and learn, no matter what the domain is. Gaining experience in creating awesome mobile apps with Flutter.

The most amazing...

.... I built a complex login and sign-up flow with connected multiple logins. Users could log in with various methods without losing his/her profile data.

Interest & Expertise

  • Beautiful UI
  • Problem Solving
  • Learning new technologies
  • Puzzles
  • Sports



MySQL, HTML5 Web Storage


HTML / CSS, JavaScript, Java, C++, Dart

Version Control


Mobile Framework & Library


Cloud Services



All In One Mobile App

A Flutter-based Mobile App having multi-domain service features such as Email, Weather, Music, Food, Cab, News, Alarm and Instant Messaging integrated into one app with voice command functionalities like Google Assistant.

Therapy Management Meditation Application

The application is designed as a meditation helper where audio plays to relax the mind of the customer. Basically, this works on a Plan subscription and allows the user to play the audio based on the therapy they select. The entire application was structured using Bloc State Management. Technologies: Flutter, Firebase, Hive, Bloc(DDD architecture).

Booking Application

A project consisting of 2 apps having different types of functionalities for the service providers and users. Users can make reservations for the services. All day-to-day events in the business ecosystem are handled by the apps. Technologies: Flutter, Firebase, MobX.

Taxi App

A customizable online taxi service application that includes all the UI components and server functions needed to start a taxi service. It uses firebase for database, node JS for server-side development, and Flutter for UI development. It can be bought and customized according to the buyer's needs on the flutter market. Technologies: Flutter, Google Maps, Firebase, MobX.

Time Management Application

A time management application that helps you increase your task efficiency. Technologies: Flutter, Firebase, Scoped Model.

Fitness App

A Flutter-based fitness app, designed to track fitness levels and activities, discover various training methods and set up personal fitness goals. Technologies: Flutter

Banking Application

A Flutter based banking application to drive all online banking tasks along with the feature of modern P2P banking like QR code-based payments, direct payments, recursive payments, etc. Alongside biometrics, OTP code and other various security measures.