Subrat Mishra

Subrat Mishra

Software Engineer


Frontend Framework & Library


State Management

React + Redux

User Interface Design

React Bootstrap


Video App

In this app users can create greetings, apply filters, stickers,add songs in the greet and can also send money along with greet. React-native has been used as frontend framework, amazon-AWS has been used to store stickers , songs and greet. OneSignal has been used to send push notifications in iOS and Android. Technologies used: React,React-Native, React-Native-ffmpeg, React-Native-CameraRoll, Splash-Screen,OneSignal,mobx

Expense Monitor

The app monitors the user’s expense, in it the user can add, delete the expense based on the category, and can also add a description for the expense. React-Native has been used in frontend and SVG-charts has been used to showcase the entire month’s expense in a pie-chart. Technologies used: React, React-Native, Redux, React-Navigation, Native-Base, swipe-list, SVG-charts

Covid Tracker

The app shows the latest COVID-19 stats in the country. Users can find the details district wise. One can apply various filters in it to sort the data, it has also a search feature. React-Native has been used as frontend framework, react-navigation has been used to navigate between pages, redux to store the data and SVG chart component to show the stats in donut chart. Technologies used: React, React-Native, Redux, React-Navigation, Native-Base, swipe-list-view, SVG-charts


An analogue clock having all the three hands of the hour, min and sec to show the time with the help of react-native-animation without re-rendering it again and again. Technologies used: React, React-Native, React-Native-Animation